Twin Newborn Photography

newborn photography cedar park txThis family was blessed with double sets of precious toes, sweet lips, and sparkling eyes – they just welcomed twin baby girls into the world! My heart skipped a beat when they brought these two petite angels into the studio. They were both sleeping soundly and completely unaware that they were about to be the stars of the show. They looked so sweet snuggled in close to Mom, but they transitioned perfectly into their photo session without making a peep!
Twin Newborn Photography
Twin sessions are so much fun, and when the rare opportunity arises, I really like to emphasize their individuality as well as their close sibling bond. Twins understandably get paired together throughout their lives, but each one also has her own unique identity and personality. So, I make a point to take individual portraits, too – that way, when they get older they will each have their own baby photos.

But there is something special about the bond between siblings who share such a tight space for several months. In their twin photos, I love highlighting the way they naturally lean into each other. Even at the slightest coo, the other will turn her head to listen. Their mom did a great job at picking out coordinating outfits for each set. I always love using coordinating sets and props instead of the overly matching ones for siblings and twins.

These two little ladies are so special, and I know that their sisterly bond will grow stronger and stronger with each passing month. I can just imagine the shenanigans they will be getting into as toddlers! This family is in for double the laughs, double the snuggles, and double the fun! I couldn’t be happier for them, and I had such a wonderful time capturing these sweet memories for them. Welcome to the world little ones – may your first year be filled with wonder!

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