Big Sister and Baby Brother Photo Shoot

Baby Photographer Austin Texas | Silver Bee Photography

What’s the only thing softer than a big, fluffy flokati rug? A baby’s soft newborn skin. Put them together and you have the most adorable, cozy photography session ever! Actually, add in a loving big sister, and then the sweetness is complete.

Baby Photographer Austin Texas | Silver Bee Photography

I had a blast shooting this sweet brother and sister duo. This big sister has been looking forward to her new role in the family for months now, so when her baby brother finally arrived, she couldn’t miss out on any of the action. In addition to some of baby boy’s own newborn portraits, we got these super cute sibling photos, too.

Baby Photographer Austin Texas | Silver Bee Photography

After she got situated down on the rug, she let us know that she was ready to show off her baby brother. She held him close in his swaddling blanket and showed him off to the world with the biggest smile on her face. They laid there for a while together while she talked softly to him and tried to play a little. He conked right out and was too sleepy to entertain us with any wiggles, but he certainly never complained. He already feels so safe and warm in his big sister’s arms.

There’s nothing better as a parent than to watch your kids become best friends. Watching their relationship grow and develop – even with the inevitable squabbles that take place – brings so much joy (and lots of laughter, too.) I have no doubt that over the years these two will not just get into mischief together, but they will also be each other’s biggest fan and greatest supporter. They’ll always have each other’s back and never let others pick on each other (except themselves, of course). Sibling love is special. No matter the ups and downs they go through, their love for each other will still run deep.

I loved capturing these first few sibling experiences for this lovely family, and I know they will enjoy having these memories as they get older, too.

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