Family Photography in Austin, TX

I love telling the story of a family through photography. Whether it’s an annual Christmas photo, a school picture, or a new little one, Silver Bee Photography – the best Austin family photographers – will customize your photo session to fit your family’s unique personality. When it comes to photography I believe natural is best. Photography shouldn’t be about strict postures and stiff smiles. There should be a freedom to it, which is why I love for families to have fun and be themselves during the shoot. I pride myself on being a nuanced family lifestyle photographer in Austin and the surrounding regions.

There are many reasons to come together to capture the little transitions and big milestones in life. Family portraits are especially important after new additions are welcomed, as kids and grandparents grow older, and when everyone is home for a visit

Make Time for Priceless Pictures for your Family Album Now

Children grow up too fast. If you’re not capturing their smiles and growth every year, you’re likely missing out on precious years that can never be brought back! Besides recording your family moments for posterity, getting the entire family together to capture their natural expressions in beautiful surroundings is also an enjoyable experience. Many parents worry that children may not behave themselves during a shoot. But I have years of experience in photographing families with children across all age groups including toddlers and newborns too.

Extended family photos can be a lovely way to not only include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and others in the family photo album but also capture the dynamics of the entire family. No matter what you are looking for, I provide quality, professional, and personal photography. Family photography isn’t just about getting the family together – it involves lighting, clothing, props, posing, style, and composition. As an experienced professional maternity and family photographer in Austin TX, I bring years of expertise in all these aspects to capture different family dynamics at their best.

Reasons to Opt for Family Photographers in Austin TX

Family photography is priceless and professional family photographers offer aesthetically clicked portraits that make precious family moments stand out even more. Plus the right photographer can highlight the family dynamics in an adorable manner.

So do you really need a compelling reason to opt for a family photographer? If you do, here’s one: Live in the moment and capture it forever. You’ll be glad you did. While life is full of reasons and occasions to recruit the services of a professional family photographer, here are just a few:

1. Capture Everyone Beautifully in the Frame

Selfies are great at times but they don’t necessarily make good pictures. Photography is an art and professional photographers are sought after for a reason. They’ve studied the different technicalities involved in clicking good pictures. Be it the lighting, effects, placement, or framing, the Austin photographers at Silver Bee Photography make sure everyone is beautifully captured in the shot.

2. Celebrate Life’s Milestones

While you don’t really need an occasion for family portraits – just having your entire family together is reason enough – some moments especially call for the services of a professional. Whether you or your kids are starting or graduating kindergarten, school, college, or university it’s time to record the momentous event for posterity! Or when your children, nieces or nephews, or anyone in the extended family is getting married, expecting, or moving elsewhere, seek a family photographer in Austin TX.

3. When you Have Family Visiting from … Wherever They May Be Based

Do you have family visiting from abroad? Or perhaps they’ve traveled from your hometown? Whenever you have children, grandparents, siblings, nieces, or nephews visiting why not arrange a professional family shoot? You never know when it’d be possible to get all of your family together under one roof again, given the busy lives everyone leads today.

These are just some of the reasons families must consider hiring family photographers in Austin, TX. However, truth be told, occasion or no occasion, the time is always right to get a family portrait to capture life’s most valuable moments.

What Makes Us the Best Family Photographers in Austin TX?

Austin is a vibrant city, full of diverse cultures, vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes. I specialize in capturing the beauty of the city through lifestyle photography. From portrait sessions to family photo shoots, I strive to capture moments that tell your story with emotion and personality. With over a decade of experience in Austin, let me bring out the best in you and your family with timeless images that you will cherish for years to come.

Interested in Silver Bee’s family photography services? Take a look at the gallery above to view a selection of family portraits. Remember: the perfect time to opt for family photography is the present. It’s time to stop procrastinating on account of minor excuses such as, “I need to lose weight”, “Everyone’s too busy right now”, or “We’ll do it when the moment is right”. The time to create priceless photographs that will hold a dear place in your family albums is now. Down the road, when your children are all grown up and have fled the nest, you’ll wish you had. Contact us today and schedule a session for your family.

Silver Bee Photography – family photographers in Austin, TX – offers a wide range of photography services in and around the area. Newborn Photography is one of our specialties and our clients have been raving about our newborn and Twin photos for nearly a decade! In addition to newborns, we really enjoy our baby photography sessions and capturing 1st birthday moments. However, it all begins with the maternity months. Silver Bee’s Austin photographers love capturing the beauty of a pregnant mom-to-be during our maternity photography sessions. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to schedule a session!