A Gorgeous Growing Family

Austin Area Outdoor Family Maternity Photographer

Oh, this sweet family! I love capturing family photography and am seriously so blessed to meet some amazing folks! This family in particular is expecting a new baby, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. My time spent with these three was so much fun, and I am excited to be able to share this beautiful session with you all! Excited Anticipation Expecting a new child is such a beautiful time in one’s life that definitely deserves to be…

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Simplistic Femininity

Austin, TX Newborn Photographer

What a sweetie!  I had such a great time capturing this little one in her first photo session to document some special newborn moments.  I love working with newborn babies.  It is a challenge that I enjoy and strive for the best baby photography.  There is an art to capturing their little personalities.  They may be brand new to the world but each of them is unique and already has elements of the adults they will be before anybody knows…

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Avoid the DIY Newborn Photography Catastrophe, Hire a Professional

At some point, we’ve all seen the hilarity that is “Pinterest Fails”. The cute character pancakes that look like a 4-year-old made them...the crafts that never turn out like the pictures, and the recipes that totally fail and end up in a late night emergency pizza order. We’ve probably all thought a project looked easy. Suddenly, we’re knee deep in tulle and hot glue. Before long, we find ourselves swearing off ever embarking on a project of this nature again.…

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Newborn Photo Shoot With Siblings

Newborn sibling family photography

Why newborn sibling family photography? Okay, so let's be honest! Newborn sibling family photography can be a bit of a challenge.  When a new baby arrives in a family you really don't know how the older siblings are going to respond. Sometimes they love them and can't get enough of the new baby and sometimes they don't want to be anywhere that new baby that is taking time and attention away that they are used to having. The ones that…

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Newborn Safety and Why It’s Important

Austin Newborn Photogrpaher 2018

Having a new child is such an exciting time in one’s life! You get to finally meet the little one that you've been preparing for for several months. You are overwhelmed by such a strong love for your little one. Not to mention, those precious fingers, toes, and leg rolls are simply adorable. Let’s face it - having a baby that is just a few days old is something you never want to forget. As an Austin Newborn Professional Photographer,…

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The Biggest Lesson I Learned in Photography

They say comparison is the thief of joy. That statement couldn't be more true and hits close to home for me. It's hard not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Whether it's with parenting, work, possessions, talents, or goals, it can be a challenge to silence the voice of "look how much better they are". This mindset truly can be so incredibly damaging. Over years, we have learned to lean on competition instead of sharing our…

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Our Editing Process for Newborn Photos

Austin Newborn Photographer Editing Images

Hello all! I hope you have had a very blessed and special Christmas with your loved ones. It has been a very busy year so far, and I thought that a great way to start off the New Year would be to show off some before and after images! The Greatest Joy in Life One of the greatest joys in life is, of course, our amazing children. There is nothing that a mama wants more than to cherish the sweet…

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Holiday Newborn Pictures

Newborn Photographer Austin Tx

Newborn Photographer Austin Tx | Holiday Newborn Pictures I love the holidays. The Christmas lights, the hustle and bustle of shoppers, the kids waiting in line to see Santa- there's an undeniable joy in the air that surrounds the season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  So why not incorporate my job as a Newborn Photographer in Austin with the time of year that I love most?! As if Christmas wasn't magical enough on its own,…

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