Tips for Stunning Newborn Photography

Capturing those early moments of a newborn’s life is like bottling up time – precious and fleeting. If you’re an expecting parent in Georgetown, TX, or just passionate about getting those perfect snapshots of your little bundle of joy, here are some tips to ensure your newborn photography turns into a treasure trove of memories.

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Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything in newborn photography. Generally, the best time to capture those serene, sleepy poses is within the first 5 to 14 days after birth. Babies at this stage are usually more pliable and sleep deeper, making those cute curled up positions easier to achieve. My favorite time to photograph a newborn baby is right around the two week mark. They will have somewhat of a feeding pattern and still nice and cuddly.

Be Patient and Go with the Flow

Newborns are unpredictable, so patience is key. They may need to feed, change, or simply want a cuddle, and that’s okay! Allow plenty of time for the shoot and be ready to adapt. After all, the baby runs the show. Every newborn that I photograph is different, no two are the same. After you have been photographing newborns for awhile, you will be able to tell in the first few moments what they will and will not like doing. You will learn quickly how to decipher what they will be okay with and what makes them comfortable. But patience is always on my side, they are still in charge.

Create a Soothing Environment

Georgetown TX newborn photographer, Austin newborn portrait studio

Keep the room warm and cozy – a comfortable baby is a happy baby. Some photographers even use white noise or soft music to help soothe newborns during the session. Make sure the environment is calming and tranquil to put both the parents and the baby at ease. I prefer a little space heater and I warm the blanket or prop up first before I place baby in position. If they are a little wiggly before starting the session, usually they will settle right in if it is warm on the backdrop.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in newborn photography. Always have a spotter or a parent close by when trying different poses. Never place babies on high or unsteady surfaces without proper support. Use common sense and never compromise on the safety of the child for a shot. This is my number one priority when photographing newborns. I use several posing aids that are specifically designed for newborn safety. I never leave them unattended or take my eyes off of them during the session. If I don’t have something that I need right at my fingertips I wil ask a parent to place a hand on baby until I am ready to go.

Use Natural Light

Soft, diffused natural light creates stunning, angelic photos of newborns. It’s flattering and brings out the baby’s delicate features. If possible, schedule the session during the morning or late afternoon when the light is gentler. Avoid harsh sunlight as it can be uncomfortable for the baby and create unflattering shadows. I use a lighting system that mimics natural light so it is very consistent and helps me create the images that I prefer.

Include the Family

Family photography is about connections and emotions. Including parents and siblings in some of the photos adds warmth and tells a broader story. It’s also a beautiful way to show the bond between the new family members. Even if the parents don’t feel like being photographed (because they are exhausted!) I encourage a close up. I have parents snuggled in and looking down at their baby to keep it tender and doesn’t feel posed. It’s a great opportunity to use black and white as well if they don’t feel like they are looking photogenic.

Props and Poses

Georgetown TX newborn photographer, Austin newborn portrait studio

Props can add character and personal touches to your baby photography. Use simple, timeless props to keep the focus on the newborn. When it comes to posing, think natural and comfortable for the baby. Popular poses include the baby wrapped snugly, lying on their belly, or cuddled in a parent’s arms. I have numerous comfy props of all sizes. Some items are better for smaller babies and others for bigger babies. I try to select props that will be good for their size so that they still look tiny but you can see the prop and add soft touches.

Post-Processing is Key

Even the most perfect newborn photography can benefit from a little post-processing magic. Soften the skin, enhance the eyes, and ensure the colors are warm and inviting. Keep edits minimal to maintain the natural beauty of the baby and the moment. My editing style just cleans up the images, and I like to avoid the plastic look. Brand new born babies are beautiful just the way they are and might just need some little flakes cleanup.

Whether you’re a proud parent in Georgetown, TX, or a budding family photographer, capturing those first few weeks of a baby’s life can be incredibly rewarding. Keep it simple, safe, and serene, and you’ll have stunning newborn photographs that families will cherish forever. Remember, these snapshots aren’t just images; they’re moments of pure love frozen in time. It’s still amazing to me that these are brand new lives and my favorite part is getting all the baby snuggles. Takes me right back to when my own were that tiny and little. Such a joy ❤️

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