Maternity Photography in Austin

As an expectant mother, you’re probably feeling a lot of emotions right now – happy no doubt, excited, and naturally in anticipation of seeing your newborn! And you also want to capture this precious time for posterity. That’s why Silver Bee is here – to offer you professional maternity photography in Austin!

Maternity photography is truly a joy to experience. The stunning glow and contagious smile of a pregnant woman are second to none, which our Austin maternity photography specializes in capturing beautifully!


What Do Our Maternity Photoshoots Involve?

Our maternity shoots ensure every woman is captured stunningly and in a way that is most flattering to her body type and her beautiful growing belly. We also tailor it to her unique style, personality, and needs.

Whether you’re looking for romantic, artistic, colorful, or classic maternity portraits or perhaps a little bit of everything, you’ll find it right here. With the best lighting, poses, and flattering angles, you’re guaranteed to get the best possible outcome in documenting your pregnancy!

For those of you looking for a mix of portraits, ranging from smiling to intense, we can make sure every mood is captured to reflect the different emotions a soon-to-be mother experiences.

But that’s not all! Be it at the studio, outdoors at the beach or a beautiful park, or even at your own house, you can choose the desired setting for your maternity photos in Austin. Studios can offer a sleek and elegant look, while outdoor locations can have you feeling more adventurous, and of course, the most comfortable vibe is felt at home.

Why Choose Silver Bee’s Maternity Photography in Austin?

The first joy is capturing the stunning glow which seems to envelop every pregnant woman I come across here in Austin. It is like none other. The smile of an expectant mother is contagious and being around their energy fills me with wonderful memories.

The second joy is that I get the privilege of meeting gorgeous soon-to-be moms and then a few weeks later getting acquainted with their tiny newborns. I feel so blessed to be able to experience so many milestones with the families who welcome me into their lives. I love to be around all the anticipation and excitement, and try to encapsulate all those feelings in the film.

Don’t worry about being camera-shy! I am an experienced maternity photographer with a hundred and one ideas for maternity posing and I will gladly incorporate any ideas you have in mind. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease with me during our shoot, so don’t feel rushed. In a few weeks (or even days!) these photos will remind you of a very cherished moment in your life. It’s an honor to be the one to showcase it.

Book Your Professional Maternity Photoshoot Today

If you are interested in hiring one of the best maternity photographers in Austin, get in touch with me here – I’d love to hear more about you! View Silver Bee’s maternity photos below.

Interested in our additional photography services? Silver Bee Photography provides a wide variety of photography around the Austin, Tx area. We are known best for our newborn photography and baby photography, and we absolutely love newborn twin photography sessions. Along with adorable newborns and babies, we really enjoy our family photography clients as we love seeing the dynamic of a family unfold behind the camera.

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5 Tips To Prepare For An Unforgettable Austin Maternity Photography Session

Maternity photography is a wonderful way to keep a beautiful record of the journey into parenthood. If you’re looking for the perfect Austin maternity photography session, these tips from an experienced photographer will help ensure a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Find a Photographer You Connect With

It’s important to find a photographer who not only takes amazing photos but also understands your preferences, style, and personality. Look through portfolios of photographers in the area to see their work and get a feel for the types of images they create or visit maternity photography forums to find someone you click with. Doing this research will ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable experience during your photo shoot.

Get Ready: Choose outfits and accessories ahead of time

To make the most of your Austin maternity photography session, it’s important to plan ahead and choose outfits and accessories before the shoot. Consider comfortable clothing that accentuates your bump such as dresses that have an empire waistline or a casual top paired with some leggings. Accessories like jewelry and headbands complete the look and add some personality to your photos. Make sure you bring back up options in case weather conditions don’t go along with your plans!

Research Styles and Locations

Before showing up to your Austin maternity photography session, research the different types of photo styles that are out there and find a style you like. Additionally, you’ll want to research locations for your photo session. Whether it’s an outdoor park, beach, or indoor studio, choose a place you feel comfortable in as it will be reflected in your photos.

Have Makeup and Hair Professionally Done

To make the most of your maternity photography session, consider having your hair and makeup professionally done. Not only does this help you look and feel your best for the shoot, but it also allows you to be truly pampered. Also, give yourself an extra boost of self-confidence before stepping in front of the camera. After all, pregnancy is a special time and deserves to be celebrated in style!

Choose Appropriate Clothing and Accessories

What you wear for your maternity photography session plays an important role in creating stunning photos. Focus on choosing garments that flatter your body shape and make you feel beautiful. It can also be helpful to select multiple outfits for the shoot. For example, a blouse or two, a dress, and don’t forget accessories like jewelry and scarves. These items add texture and depth to the images!