Baby Milestone Photography Studio in Austin

Let's Capture Your baby's milestones in our Austin photography studio, at your home, or at some of our favorite locations around the city. 

I love capturing just how pure and beautiful babies are.

My style of photographing babies is simple and organic. You can expect beautiful natural light for our outdoor photoshoots around Austin, TX or elegantly staged setups at our photography studio. Either way your photos will be filled with soothing tones and sweet expressions.

When we think of baby milestones we often think of birthdays. But what about your little one's first smile, or first belly laugh? Each step they take on their journey to childhood deserves to be captured so you can relive it again and again. 

My aim as a baby photographer is to capture your child’s most magical moments with tender and warm emotions.

It is my sincerest hope that many years down the road when you look back on these photos, you will be reminded of exactly who your baby was on this day in their life, down to the last little wrinkle.

My newborn and baby photography has been featured in several photography and news outlets including Newborn Magazine, Newborn Photographer Association, ReleaseWire, and more! Rest assured, I take care of each baby as if they were my own.  Safety and comfort are the most important things to me and I am constantly in tune with the emotions and needs of your baby. Bring only diapers and wipes for the baby and leave the rest up to me!

A new stage for every age. Your baby is growing up fast! 

Photos can't stop time, but they can instantly bring you back to these fleeting moments so you can remember each tiny detail.

Now that you're out of the newborn stage, you likely have a baby on the move every chance they get. As a professional photographer, I can work around your little one as they wiggle to make sure I capture the perfect shot every time (and some candid moments too!). 

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growing up too fast?

While we love photographing newborns, and maternity sessions, there's something so special about watching your baby develop new skills with each passing day. I can't wait to meet your little one soon. Reach out to book a session.