Maternity Photo Ideas: Best Locations in Austin, Texas

bull creek park photos for maternityDid you know that there were about 2 million births in the U.S. in 2019? Worldwide there were about 58 million births that year.

Are you one of the millions of women expecting a baby this year? You might be considering doing a maternity photoshoot.

If you don’t have any maternity photo ideas or locations planned yet, this guide will offer great suggestions in the Austin, Texas area. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Variety at Butler Park

If you’re wondering where to take maternity photos, Butler Park is a beautiful place to choose. Butler Park is located in the downtown area behind Palmer Events Center.

Butler Park’s central location is ideal for maternity shoots. This park offers a variety of backgrounds for your photoshoot. You have the option of taking photos near luscious trees, by beautiful flowers, near a pond, or with the Austin skyline behind you.

Incorporate Water at Bull Creek Park

Bull Creek Park is the perfect location to get shots of your growing baby next to the flowing water. There are also great trees in the park and interesting rock formations to incorporate into shots.

Whether you choose to do your photoshoot in the morning or evening, you’ll get some incredible natural light to make your maternity photos shine. Take photos with the wildflowers in the spring or the fallen leaves in the fall.

Have the Pennybacker Bridge as Your Background

Choosing the right location is important when it comes to your maternity photos. These are pictures you’re going to look back at with affection to remember how your child’s life began.

This is why the Pennybacker Bridge field is the perfect location for your shoot. Your photographer can capture the rich backlight as the sun rises or sets. You’ll also have the gorgeous Pennybacker Bridge and Lake Austin behind you.

This is a great way to incorporate the city you love and where you’ll raise your family into your photoshoot.

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Visiting botanical gardens is great because it offers you the chance to be surrounded by a variety of plants native to your region and spend time in the natural world.

This is one of the reasons why you should choose to have your maternity photoshoot at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin. You’ll have the option to be photographed with beautiful, blooming flowers behind you. You can also take the opportunity to capture a few shots along the magical Woodland Faerie Trail.

Sekrit Theater Is a Unique Location

Sekrit Theater is a unique place for photos in Austin TX. You’ll love taking photos of your baby bump in this rustic-style greenhouse. The checkered floor will add an interesting element to your photos you won’t be able to get at any other location.

You also have the chance to incorporate other fun props in your photoshoot, like an abandoned bus or some of the statues that come with the location. Use surrounding trees and light in your photos as well.

The Woodlands at River Place

The Woodlands at River Place is another great option for your maternity photoshoot. Surrounded by grand trees, this is the perfect spot for a fall photoshoot.

You’ll have the changing colors of the leaves in the background. You can also take photos with the fallen leaves for great photos of your baby bump with the changing season.

If you’ll need to do your maternity shoot in the spring, blooming flowers will add beautiful colors to the background of your photos.

Highlight the Beauty of Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park has an array of gardens with many kinds of flowers. There are also small ponds throughout the park.

There are many great structures in the park, like porches and archways, you can incorporate in your photoshoot as well. While you might not be able to include the famous peacocks from this park in your photos, they’ll be a beautiful site to see while you’re there.

Check out Silver Bee Photography’s portfolio of maternity photos for a few ideas of what your photoshoot could look like.

Mueller Lake Park

Next on the list of best locations in Austin TX is Mueller lake Park. This park offers both natural spots and more urban locations to take your maternity photos.

You can take some photos in the grassy area in front of the lake with natural sunlight illuminating the shot.

You can also take some photos under the metal structure built overlooking the lake. A fun mosaic structure of a dragon is a great spot to pose if you have other children too.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

Choose Brushy Creek Lake Park if you plan to do your maternity shoot in the spring. The large fields bloom beautiful bluebonnets in the spring. The bright blue flowers will add the right pop of color to your photos.

You can also take some photos near the bridge and by the lake. The light in this area will illuminate your photos magically.

The Best Austin Locations for Maternity Photo Ideas

Some of the best locations for your maternity photo ideas are in the list above. Austin is full of beautiful and unique locations to capture your maternity glow. Places like Sekrit Theater and Zilker Botanical Gardens are just a few of the locations you can choose from.

Are you interested in scheduling your maternity photoshoot? Silver Bee Photography will help capture your ideas at the locations you love best.

Contact us to schedule a session or to ask any questions you have about our photoshoots. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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