7 Quick Tips for Your Maternity Photoshoot

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Every pregnancy experience from one woman to the next is different. While some women feel like a glowing, beautiful goddess, other women may find pregnancy uncomfortable and feel awkward in their skin.

This is why maternity photoshoot planning is crucial between you and your photographer. You want to ensure that you feel your best on the day and have an idea of what to expect from the photoshoot. As a photographer, it’s equally important to ensure the mamma-to-be is safe, comfortable, and confident at all times.

Here are a few helpful tips to help both mother and photographer prepare for a maternity shoot.


1. Put Your Safety First

Between you and your photographer, your safety as a pregnant woman should always be top-of-mind throughout your photoshoot.  A maternity photoshoot may not seem like a stressful or strenuous activity. But you still want to limit how much physical activity you’re doing on the day.

This means scaling back on the number of shoot locations, climbing hills, trees or rocky surfaces, etc. It’s also important to ensure you’re well-hydrated and have snacks on hand.

As a photographer, you must check in on the mother-to-be throughout the day to assess her energy levels. Listen to her when she needs to take a break no matter ”how good the lighting is”!

2. Wear Something You Feel Beautiful In

Before you head into your maternity shoot, do an assessment of your wardrobe. Or, you could do a spot of maternity shopping and find a few outfits that make you feel truly beautiful. Keep in mind that a big part of feeling great on the day hinges on your comfort. When you feel comfortable, this is, no doubt, when you’ll feel most beautiful.

If you prefer loose-fitting items that drape over your frame, that’s your personal choice. Or, if you prefer more form-fitting attire, then that’s what you should opt for.

There is an emphasis on shooting a woman’s body from different angles in a maternity shoot to make the most of her glorious bump. So if this thought makes you feel uncomfortable, your outfit(s) can counteract that.


3. Know Your Most Flattering Angles

Again, another way to relax and feel comfortable on the day of your maternity shoot is to know your angles. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it, so why not practice a few poses in front of the mirror beforehand to get a feel for what you prefer?

Bear in mind that your photographer may also direct you on the day and suggest a few angles, too. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, speak up and let them know. They can make another suggestion or get creative with their shooting angles, too.

If you have certain features that you’d like to highlight, let your photographer know and they can focus on them. As a maternity photographer, it’s important to bear in mind that all women shoot differently.

Remember that a certain angle on one woman, might not look the same on another. You want to shoot each pregnant woman as a unique individual.


4. Discuss the Story Behind Your Maternity Photoshoot

Before the day of your maternity shoot rolls around, sit down with your photographer and brainstorm the story behind your shoot. Think about the story you want to portray. For some women, it’s easier to know exactly what’s going to happen on the day and the story your photographer plans to create with their photos.

For other women, they may feel more comfortable ”winging it” and going with the flow on the day. Each to their own. But a good way to feel more relaxed and comfortable during your shoot is to understand the flow of the shoot and the meaning behind each shot.

For example, you could choose to shoot in a specific location that is significant to you and your partner. Or, you could include props and other subjects to give deeper meaning to each photograph. Discuss this plan beforehand so you can start to envision the day and get excited about it.

5. Plan Your Shoot at the Right Time of Day

There are certain times in the day when your photographer will suggest shooting — most of the time, this includes ”golden hour” or ”blue hour”. The lighting at these times is generally the most flattering for shooting just about any subject.

Both golden hour and blue hour can also help to boost your mood or help you to feel relaxed throughout the photo shoot. You can also feel a little more comfortable and relaxed knowing that the lighting is in your favor. And at the end of the day, the more relaxed you are, the more beautiful your photos will turn out.

You also want to keep your energy levels in mind. If you know that you have more energy in the early mornings, schedule your shoot for that time (around sunrise if you can manage it). If you know that shooting at golden hour in the late afternoon is not going to work for you, be honest and let your photographer know.


6. Think About Props Beforehand

For many women, shooting with props can be very useful. For those not accustomed to being in front of the camera, props can help you feel a little more relaxed and ready to strike a pose that you’re comfortable with. Sure, you can use your gorgeous bump as a prop, but if you want to mix things up a bit, discuss what props your photographer suggests you use.

Most of the time, the mamma-to-be will provide props she is most comfortable with. But if you’re unsure, ask your photographer to supply some you can choose from. A few simple examples include a hat, baby shoes, your favorite baby grow, an ultrasound picture, etc.


7. Get Your Partner or Family Involved

This is probably one of the best ways for pregnant mamas to feel their most comfortable on a maternity shoot. By including your partner in a few shots, it can take some pressure off of you and shine a light on you both. After all, your partner is an extremely important part of your pregnancy journey.

The same goes for including other family members, such as any other children you already have or the grandparents-to-be! Including these extra family members makes for beautiful, memorable photos. It also allows them to feel included in such an auspicious time in your life.

Where Can I Take Maternity Photos in Austin?

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