The Best Location for Maternity Photos in Austin, TX

Bull Creek Maternity Photo session Austin

The location of any photoshoot has a big effect on the outcome of the pictures. Planning a photoshoot doesn’t only rely on the models, wardrobe, and attire. The location should be taken into consideration and dependent on the type of shoot you’re planning to do.

The best location for maternity photos is generally outdoors. The mother-to-be will become surrounded by nature. All of the beautiful greenery and other vibrant colors will look amazing in the background.

Not sure where to take your outdoor maternity photos in Austin?

There are a few wonderful places to choose from in the Austin, TX area, however. If you’re searching for an amazing place to take maternity photos in Austin, then continue reading below. Here’s a list of several of the best Austin maternity photo spots!

Bull Creek Park

Bull Creek Park is a wonderful location for maternity photos due to the beautiful stream of water you can find flowing throughout the park (Bull Creek). Large stone rocks border the creek in most areas. Many visitors enjoy swimming in the creek, and there are many shallow areas where you can cross to the other side with ease.

There are also plenty of hiking trails with lots of shaded areas, which is ideal for mothers looking to rest and get out of the sun for a few.

The large oak trees which provide much of the shade also make for a great photo backdrop. Aside from the creek and trails, you can also find green fields perfect for taking photos in.

McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park is located in South Austin. You’ll find a beautiful field of bluebonnets during their season in April. During this time, you can capture some pretty amazing photos in the fields.

The small falls and streams of water are a great backdrop for any photo shoot. There are also plenty of open green fields to complete a photo shoot in as well. Cypress trees and old forts can give your photoshoot something special.

Barton Hills

Planning a maternity photoshoot around fall? If so, then Barton Hills might be your place! They host an amazing pumpkin patch each year, which is ideal for a fall photo shoot.

Not only can you capture some beautiful maternity photos in and near the pumpkin patch, but Barton Hills is also a good place to take some quality sunset photos at as well.

Sekrit Theater

Sekrit Theater is a wonderful option for your outdoor photo shoot if you’re looking for something shabby chic. The theater is surrounded by many beautiful trees and the building itself is made from glass with wooden beams. The flooring is a beautiful pattern of white and black tiles.

This environment creates the perfect atmosphere for some amazing maternity photos in Austin. It’s also a wonderful location for a family photo shoot as well.

When you take photographs at Sekrit Theater, you’re able to be as open to your creativity as possible. The place is almost magical and enchanting, like something straight out of your favorite fairytale story.

If you’re looking for a location completely unique from any place you’ve ever taken photos at before, then Sekrit Theater is the place to choose.

Circle C Ranch Park

If you’ve envisioned your photoshoot to take place in big open grassy fields, then you’ll want to check out Circle C Ranch Park. There are several soccer fields waiting for a maternity shoot like yours! There are also 5.9 miles of trails to explore and find the perfect spot in.

The trails here run through a nearby forest, where you can find shaded areas and open trails surrounded by colorful blossoms as well. The mix of different colors and flowers makes this location bright and vibrant.

Sweet Berry Farm

Right outside of Austin in Burnet County is Sweet Berry Farm. This farm is a great place for a maternity shoot, especially during berry season when the strawberries are bright red and ready to pick! If shooting a maternity shoot in the strawberry fields is your type of shoot, then Sweet Berry Farm has you covered, although it doesn’t end there.

On the farm, you’ll also find some horses, boats, and a playground! These are all fantastic places for the photos. There’s also a tractor that takes visitors around the entire farm.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

At Brushy Creek Lake Park, you’ll find wide-open fields and a large lake that flows throughout. If you want to capture the blossoming of the bluebonnet, then April would be the best time to go. When these beautiful wildflowers will bring your photos to life.

In the park, you’ll find a playground, a fishing pier, the lake and trails, and many wildlife viewing areas. There’s a stunning low bridge to get you over a small portion of water, which is an ideal spot for photos.

Have You Discovered the Best Location for Maternity Photos?

Planning a maternity photoshoot requires more than an outfit and a few poses. The location you choose will set the mood for the entire photo shoot. Taking maternity photos outdoors allows the mother-to-be to become one with nature.

The outdoor setting provides natural, organic, and classic photography.

Have you decided which place would be the best location for maternity photos for you? Be sure to review each place carefully, and take a few moments to visit their websites and scroll through some photos of each one.

If you’re still in need of some advice or help deciding, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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