Is 3 Weeks Old Too Late for Newborn Pictures?

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Is 3 Weeks Old Too Late for Newborn Pictures?

Your child’s life will be filled with countless incredible and beautiful stages, but there is something particularly precious about a newborn baby. For a brief window of time, they can curl up and dive into a deep sleep that is incredible and so special.

If you’re looking for traditional baby photos, it’s best to wait and consider purchasing milestone packages from your favorite photographer. If you’re hoping to capture those special first days though, the ideal period of time is quite short.

Are you wondering if you’ve waited too long to get newborn pictures taken?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

The Best Age For Newborn Photos is 7-14 Days

If you are interested in getting professional baby photos of your newborn, you will definitely want to book this session before your baby has been born. This way, you can be sure that you have an appointment with your favorite photographer during this brief window of time.

When newborns are this young, they have more predictable sleeping schedules, enjoy tighter swaddling, and are more flexible. The newborn pictures you’ve likely seen online are often of babies in this womb-like state, which makes them the ideal candidate for beautiful, swaddled shots.

This is also typically when your baby’s skin will be the softest and clearest, as it is common for newborns to develop baby acne around week three.

The Exceptions: Twins, Multiplets, and Preemies

Premature babies, twins, and multiples all tend to be a bit smaller than babies that are born without multiples and are carried to full-term. They also might require a longer hospital stay at the beginning until they’re further along in their development.

In these cases, the window of time for capturing the perfect newborn photo is likely a bit longer. You will probably be able to get the types of shots you’re looking for up to the 5-week mark.

Another Good Time to Take Newborn Pictures: Weeks 3-5

For some babies, it isn’t practical or possible to have a professional photoshoot until they are a bit older. If your baby is particularly sensitive to outside stimuli, it’s likely better to hold off until they are a bit older.

This is, no question, an incredibly busy time in your life. You and your family are adjusting to the presence of a new little one, and time can fly by quickly. If you weren’t able to capture the newborn pictures you were hoping for during the first few weeks of life, there is still an opportunity during the third to fifth week to have an adorable photoshoot.

During this time, preemies and twins will typically still act and look like newborns between the ages of 3 weeks and 5 weeks. Even if your baby was full-term, this can be a wonderful window of time to get photos taken. They will still be easy to pose and flexible, though probably a little chubbier.

Depending on your baby’s individual growth, it’s possible they will be too big and too awake for certain poses or specific props. They also might not be interested in being wrapped or swaddled, which can be some of the most adorable newborn baby shots.

Less Ideal But You’ll Still End Up With Beautiful Photographs: Weeks 6-8

At this point, whether or not your photoshoot goes as you planned it is pretty up in the air. If you had your heart set on getting the “newborn look,” at this point, it’s likely too late.

Most babies will be too large for the props and outfits that a newborn photographer has on hand for these shoots. Typically, a photoshoot during this time will focus on the amazing, beautiful, and sometimes funny facial expressions your darling baby makes.

Too Old For Newborn Pictures But Too Young For the Next Stage: Week 9-4 Months

Basically, if your baby is older than nine weeks old but younger than four months old, it might be best to just schedule a shoot for when they are a bit older. At this point, your baby will look too awake and too large to capture that adorable newborn look. At the same time, they won’t be old enough to hold their head up or sit up on their own, which makes a photography session pretty complicated.

During this time, it’s best to focus on capturing some beautiful photographs at home.

Photographing Milestones: 4 Months to 6 Months

Your adorable baby is now so much bigger than they were when they were a newborn! This is only the beginning, though, of the endless journey you’re on of being surprised by how much they’ve grown. This is a great time to capture important milestones, like getting up on all fours, sitting up, cute gummy smiles, and so much more.

Newborn Photography: Capturing a Precious, Fleeting Moment in Your Little One’s Life

If you’re interested in capturing the first moments of your baby’s life, there is a relatively small window of time that is ideal. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get booked on your favorite photographer’s schedule well before your due date. This way, you can be sure to not miss these precious first few days and weeks.

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