What Is the Best Age for Newborn Photos to Be Taken?

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Giving birth is an exciting point in anyone’s life, and it’s only natural that you would want to capture your beautiful new baby on camera for your friends and family to see! However, getting great newborn pictures can be a challenge.

What exactly is the best age for newborn photos, and how can you find a good photographer?

Getting adorable newborn pictures doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are the best ages to get newborn pictures and how to find the right photographer for you.

What is the Best Age for Newborn Photos?

When it comes to newborn photography, you should try to get your photoshoot scheduled as soon as possible. Your baby’s body will naturally begin to uncurl as they age, meaning that it will be much harder to get those adorable curled positions once they’re older.

The first two weeks after your baby’s birth are perfect for capturing these types of photos, though you may want to wait for the first five days to develop your baby’s feeding schedule. Your baby will stay in cute curled positions for much longer than an older baby would.

Babies are also easier to get into a deep sleep at this age. This means that your photographer will have an easier time capturing that precious sleeping face on camera. Older babies may wake up and become fussy during a photoshoot, leading to less successful photos in the long run.

Older Babies

If you’re unable to get your baby in for photos within the first two weeks, don’t worry! You can still get adorable newborn pictures¬†with older babies.

The main difference that you should expect from babies that are older than two weeks is that your posing options will change. An older baby will take up more space and won’t naturally curl into the traditional newborn poses, so you’ll likely have to experiment with other options.

Your baby is also more likely to wake up during the photoshoot, which can extend the process. This is due to your baby’s startle response, which develops as the child ages. Lights and noises during the infant photography session may easily startle your baby awake.

One positive aspect of taking photos with an older baby is that you may capture some adorable shots with their eyes open! Some babies may even give hints of a smile during the photo session, which can make fantastic memories. Don’t write off your baby for newborn photography just because they’re a little older!

Exceptions to the Two-Week Rule

There are a few rare exceptions that you should keep in mind when it comes to newborn photography. For example, you may want to wait to have a photoshoot with a baby born prematurely. This is because the baby may be too small for a proper infant photography shoot, making it better to wait until after the two-week mark.

Twins and other multiplets should also wait a bit before their photo session for the same reason. Because there is less space when more than one baby is born, they may come out slightly underdeveloped, which makes it better to take photos later on.

How to Find a Photographer

Now that you know the best age for newborn photos, it’s time to start searching for a photographer! Here are some key things to keep in mind when searching for an infant photographer.

Understand Newborn Safety

Your first and most important step when finding a newborn photographer is to ensure that they have proper safety measures in place. Your baby’s safety should be key when taking infant photography; unfortunately, there are no set rules in place to make sure the photographer holds safety precautions. Ask your photographer upfront what measures they have in place to keep your baby safe!

Babies are extremely fragile and haven’t developed proper ways to regulate their bodies. This includes maintaining a proper internal body temperature, holding themselves upright, and improper immune systems. Any good infant photographer will know how to properly care for a child during a photography session, so ask lots of questions up front!

Learn the Photographers Style

Once you’re sure that your baby is in good hands, you can move on to the photographer’s portfolio. You’ll want a good idea of that photographer’s style ahead of time. That way, you can have a general idea of the poses and lighting you want for the shots.

This is also the best time to decide if you actually like that artist’s style or not. You’re going to spend a lot of time and money with an infant photography session, so make sure you enjoy their work!

Know Your Budget Ahead of Time

Different photographers will have different prices for their work, so do your research ahead of time. Know how much you are willing to spend and figure out a package or session that works for you. Consider the time you’ll spend at the shoot, how many photos you’ll get, and any other extras you’d be paying for when working out your price.

Start Capturing Special Moments Today

Now that you know the best age for newborn photos, you can feel confident scheduling your first appointment with a professional photographer! Start capturing beautiful memories with your child that you’ll never forget.

Are you searching for the perfect newborn photographer to capture you and your newborn?

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