The Top Newborn Photo Poses to Have

Newborn frog pose

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a newborn into this world. You’ve waited 9 months to have the little here in your arms, and now the moments finally here. These are the moments you want to last forever.

As much as you want to hold onto your little ones and keep them small, there’s no way to stop them from growing and becoming their own little person. There is one way to make these moments last forever: newborn photos. Having professional newborn photos done of your baby before they begin to grow into strong, healthy children will give you something to remember their newborn faces by.

Most hospitals will take a few newborn pictures for you in the hospital, which will be adorable. A professional photographer, however, will be able to offer you more cute poses and a larger variety of photos. In the guide below, you’ll find several ideas for poses at your newborn photoshoot.

Continue reading for all the perfect poses you might want to try with your infant during their first photoshoot!

Safety in Props

Before you begin considering ideas for cute poses, think about what props you may want to use. Props might include different outfits, accessories, blankets, baskets, and more. As you’re brainstorming prop ideas, remember to keep safety in mind.

Be sure to select props that are both safe and comfortable for your new baby. For example, you should avoid using any type of glass prop during the photoshoot. Glass is easily breakable and could be dangerous for the baby.

Always make sure the props being used by the photographer and the props you bring in have your baby’s safety in mind.

Frog Pose

The frog pose is an oh-so-cute pose for newborns. It’s not the most simple pose to position your baby in, however. Thankfully, when working with a professional photographer with experience working with infants, you won’t have to worry about placing your baby in the pose correctly.

Your photographer will know exactly how to position them. They’ll rest on their bum with their legs bent at their sides (their little toes will face the camera). Their elbows will be on the ground and their hands rested under their chin.

Swaddled Baby

The swaddled baby pose is one that keeps your baby comfortable in its element during the shoot. You or the photographer can swaddle your baby all cozy in a blanket of your choice. You can even consider bringing a matching hat for them to wear since the rest of their body will be covered.

Then, consider placing them on a beautiful fluffy rug for the photos.

Bottoms Up

How cute is that little bum? Newborns have the cutest little hands, feet, faces, and bottoms. One pose to try is having your baby lie on their belly with their tush up in the air.

You can create this pose by having their knees bent under them. Their face will be down and facing one side. This is also an ideal pose to capture all their cute little facial features.

On Back and Hands-on Tummy

One of the great things about taking photos of newborns is that they love to sleep. If your baby is sleeping during the photo shoot, then you can try a pose with them on their back. Place them down on their back with their tiny hands on their tummy.

You can position their legs, feet, arms, and hands how you like if they’re sleeping. You might even get a surprise smile in there as well.

A Yawn or a Smile

Another great idea for a pose is to capture your baby while yawning or smiling. Even while sleeping, your baby might smile. If you do want to try to catch your baby smiling or yawning, then be sure to let the photographer know.

Your photographer can then prepare to capture the quick moment when they see it coming.

A Big Stretch

Aside from catching them yawning or smiling, consider trying to catch them stretching as well. Newborns love to stretch and get cozy all throughout the day. One big stretch is all you need to capture an awe moment.

You’ll most likely catch your baby stretching when they’re on their back.

Toes and Feet Close-Up

If you thought their little bottom was cute, wait until you see a close-up of their tiny toes and feet. Your photographer can get a close-up photo of your baby’s feet curled up with one another. You’ll be able to see all their cute little toes as well.

You can also ask about a close-up of their hands and fingers as well. It’s always a neat thing to look back at as they get older.

Baby and Siblings

Is this not your first baby? If your newborn has older siblings, then it’s a wonderful idea to have all the children come together. You can ask their older brother or sister to pose while holding them.

You can also have the newborn laying down in the center of the photo with the siblings surrounding and smiling as they look down at their new little brother or sister.

Don’t Miss Out on Amazing Newborn Photos

Once your baby’s born, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have newborn photos taken. These are the moments that are going to fly by so quickly. With the help of a professional photographer, you can keep these memories for a lifetime.

Silver Bee Photography would love the opportunity to photograph your newborn in some adorable poses. Be sure to fill out the contact form and include any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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