Fun Maternity Photo Ideas

fun ideas for a maternity photo sessionAre you a first-time parent that’s looking to capture your natural glow and beauty? Do you feel that you want to get professional photos to record what you and your baby looked like at the final stages of your pregnancy?

If so, then you need a few fun maternity photo ideas to get things started. Doing so can help you make memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be able to record the excitement and love of your child before you even met them, that’s amazing!

See below for several awesome, cute, and fun maternity photo ideas that you can use to make your photoshoot unique.

1. In Daddy’s Loving Arms

The connection that your child will have with you, versus the connection they’ll have with their daddy, is completely different.

For all of you out there with a husband or boyfriend that’s actively involved in the pregnancy, you’ll want to get them involved in the shoot as well. That’s not a luxury that all women have with their pregnancy.

First, select your outfits for the shoot. For the pictures with you and the dad-to-be, you might consider wearing similar outfits, such as an all-denim outfit.

Second, be sure to research different poses that you could do together while emphasizing the baby bump.

Be sure to get some pictures in the front with both your hands and his hands placed on the belly. You’ll also want to get a few pictures from the back. Consider a picture of the both of you looking on as if you were preparing for the future ahead with your little one.

You’ll also want to do a few kissing pictures to show the love and connection you have with one another. That pride and excitement will show through the final maternity photos and create some incredible portraits down the line.

2. Hot and Steamy Photos

Going through this pregnancy, it’s natural to go through days where you might not feel the sexiest. But girl, you are!

During pregnancy, your skin is glowing, your hair is radiant, and your face is literally brighter than any other time in your life. While you might not always feel it, you’re one beautiful woman.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that some men are more attracted to pregnant women. How about that for a statistic?

We say all that to pitch this idea: why not get a little sexy with your photos? Of course, these pictures will still be in good taste and prioritize the baby bump, but what’s wrong with showing off mommy’s natural beauty as well?

Maybe you’re interested in showing off your figure by posing in a bikini at a nearby beach. Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable posing with the future dad in the picture with you.

Granted, this idea isn’t for everyone. You might have this idea going into it, then not feel up to it when you go to do the shoot. Remember, these maternity photos are whatever you want them to be. Getting a little sexy with it can be fun and liven up the shoot a bit, as long as you’re excited about it!

3. Go Candid

Candid photos are the best! They allow you to capture what you and your growing family are actually like, versus what you look like posing intentionally for a camera.

If you and your husband want to get the big sister or big brother involved, consider blowing some bubbles at the park or wrestling with each other in the living room.

These candid photos will be memories of what you were like at this moment in time. As your new baby comes along and grows up, you’ll notice that you and your family evolve and change over time.

Not to mention that candid photos make for incredible pictures to share on your social media. They’re genuine and real, so your followers will love looking at them all.

4. A Taste of Sun Tea

Being from Austin, Texas, we all know the purpose sun tea serves. It’s meant to stay cool and fresh, even during those hot summer days.

You can use that as inspiration for your maternity photo ideas. Get yourself a cute little sundress and a straw hat or beach hat to compliment the baby bump.

Then, take a stroll out to a field or a farm with some rustic siding that you can stand and pose in front of. This will encapsulate the positivity and warmth you have with your baby on the way.

5. Embrace the Cravings

Talk to any mother about their pregnancies with their children, and most of them will point out that they had different cravings for each of them. Why not embrace that for your maternity shoot?

Granted, there are some pretty weird pregnancy cravings out there. Use your biggest craving during this pregnancy to make an awesome photo.

For example, let’s say you’ve been craving snickerdoodle cookies non-stop. Bake up or purchase a bunch of them and pile them up around you. You can capture a hilariously cute photo of you and your baby bump enjoying the heck out of those delicious treats!

Use These Maternity Photo Ideas During Your Shoot

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of fun and amazing maternity photo ideas to try, be sure to use the ones you see fit.

Of course, you’ll also want newborn photos when the time comes. Read this article for some creative newborn photo ideas as well.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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