Newborn Photography Poses for Your Next Session

Newborn Photography Poses

Did you know that about 4 million births occur every year in the United States? Another interesting fact is that Texas is one of the states with the most births. Its birth rate is 70 births per 1,000 women.

Women are also waiting to have children later in life. There have been increases in the birth rates in the age groups of 30 to 39 and for women over 45.

No matter what stage in your life, your precious child comes into, you want to memorialize this new life with a beautiful photo session.

If you’re wondering which newborn photography poses to use for your baby’s photos, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Your Baby on Their Back

This simple pose is the most comfortable for your newborn, as this is naturally how they lay when they sleep. You may prefer getting a tighter shot of your baby, which can focus on their face, or you may prefer a full-size version.

Babies aren’t very predictable, so you might get some great photographs of a sleeping angel or a wide-eyed little one who wants to turn in the opposite direction, be ready for everything.

If your baby’s asleep, this is the perfect opportunity to get a shot of your baby on their back. Gently hold your baby’s legs in the position you prefer and lay their hands on their tummy. They should stay still while sleeping so your photographer can capture the perfect shot.

The Classic Frog Pose

In newborn baby photography, the frog pose is one of the best. With their hands holding their chins and their little legs tucked in at the sides, this pose highlights your baby’s adorable features.

This pose can be a little tricky to achieve, and the photographer will need some assistance. Multiple shots and some photoshop will create the image you’ve dreamed about for your child. This guide explains the entire process.

A Side Pose

It is one of the cutest poses for your newborn baby. They’ll look so sweet curled up in front of the camera. To achieve this pose, the photographer will gently move your baby’s body sideways, folding their legs at the knees and placing their hands under their head.

In this shot, the focus will be the face while the rest of the body will be in the background. The photo can be simplified by having your bare baby on a plain blanket, or it can be customized with a cute outfit.

A Swaddled Baby

Next on the list of newborn photography ideas is the swaddled pose. This pose truly captures the miracle of life. It shows how tiny and fragile a newborn can be but how beautiful it is that they’ve entered your life.

You might want to bring a blanket from home to wrap your baby in a familiar item. More intricate designs on the blanket can add some texture to the photo. While the baby will be wrapped up, you can try to have one of their little hands or their feet sticking out to add a bit more of a cute factor.

Rest Their Chin on Their Hands

Resting a baby’s chin on their hands is a classic pose. This pose is so cute because it shows a bit of personality and fun in a photo. The baby looks like their contemplating their life or just bored about the whole process if they’re asleep.

You can put a little blanket on top of them or a headband to add some more detail. Another great thing about this pose is how it tends to squish the face a little, making for a funny but adorable shot.

Keep the Tushy Up

One of the most popular newborn babies poses is the “Tushy Up” pose. It is a comfortable position for a sleeping baby, and you’ll be able to capture their little rolls best in this pose.

There are many ways to achieve this pose, but it’s always important to ensure a baby’s comfort and safety. Tucking the legs under the bum while placing the hands under their chin will keep their body tucked like a little ball, creating those cute wrinkles you want to see in this pose.

Silver Bee Photography has many examples of this pose and many others to make sure we capture your baby in their most beautiful and natural state.

Lay Your Baby on Their Tummy

This pose can create a lot of different great shots of your baby. You can capture a shot from the side as they lay on their tummy with their hands under their head.

You can also get a shot from the top where your baby is lying on their tummy with their hands and feet sticking out on the sides. It is a great way to emphasize its tiny body.

The Womb Pose Is Beautiful

This newborn pose reflects a baby in a womb and works best for a sleeping baby. Since the photographer will be folding up your baby’s legs up to their chin, it’s best to have someone with experience attempt to place your baby in this shot.

Since the baby’s feet are curled up, and their body is folded in half, this is also called the taco pose. It is a cute way to show off their little toes and tiny hands.

Try Some Close-Ups

When taking your baby for some newborn portraits, you should also consider some close-up shots. While it’s great to capture their entire body or focus on their cute face, zooming in on the small details can create some beautiful photographs.

You can ask your photographer to capture some shots of their little noses and a few shots of their tiny feet and hands as well. Another great closeup shot is a parent holding their newborn’s hand or foot or even a shot of the baby held in the parent’s hands. It captures the fragile but beautiful little body of your new baby.

In the Arms of Family

Newborn photography poses with parents are an important part of the session as well. Many different poses will capture those beautiful moments you’ll cherish forever, the way great photography always does.

One idea is to have the parents hold their baby together while looking down at them. You can also pose with your baby looking at the camera.

Laying the baby on mom or dad’s chest always makes for beautiful photos. You can’t forget about the siblings. A great pose for brothers or sisters is to have them lay down next to the baby and capture them from above.

Capture a Yawn

Capturing your newborn’s personality is mostly about catching them at unexpected moments. Even if it’s not a perfect setup shot, these photos are often the best because they look the most natural. Since newborns are always yawning, your photographer can snap some shots of your baby on the spot.

Use Some Cute Toys

Newborn photography props are a great way to make a photo session more dynamic. Stuffed animals are a part of every child’s upbringing. They’ll probably have a favorite for years to come.

You can memorialize this important object by featuring it in your baby’s photos. Whether the toy was a gift from a grandparent or was your favorite growing up, posing these props next to your baby is a great way to make their photographs more precious.

Use a Prop Basket

Props are great additions to any photoshoot. They add to the creativity and story the photos are trying to show. Posing your newborn in a prop basket is a great choice during their photo session.

The style of the basket can be decided during the shoot with the photographer. Woven baskets are quite popular, and you can add blankets, toys, or flowers around the basket.

Baby in a Cute Hat

A newborn photo shoot is never complete without some accessories! There’s something so endearing about babies. You can’t help but feel your heart swell when you’re around them. It’s even more endearing when you see them in tiny outfits and accessories.

Your newborn’s photoshoot should include some headwear. It’ll make for some unique photos of your baby. You can choose any style you’d like including silly hats, animal-themed hats, or beanies.

A Holiday Themed Session

Here’s where you can get as creative as you want with newborn photography poses. You can pose your baby with a Christmas hat and scarf and decorative props. You can also do a spooky photo session and sit them next to a pumpkin or in a cute Halloween costume.

Use Props From Your Favorite Movies

Newborn photography can be made more fun by using some props from some of your favorite movies. You can pass on your love for Star Wars to your child by incorporating the famous Princess Leia hairstyle in their shoot. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, posing your child with the books might be a great idea too.

Newborn Photography Poses You Should Try for Your Baby’s First Photoshoot

Whether your newborn is having their first session or is a professional model at this point, these newborn photography poses are great ways to make the session more unique.

Contact us if you have any questions about the type of photography we do or set up your first session.

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