Austin Twin Newborn Photography | Two Perfect Twins

“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins” – Unknown As a professional photographer, I always get to work with some of the most amazing clients! It is true, I have been blessed with meeting some of the most incredible people that have become very dear […]

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Twin Babies Photography

Twin Babies Photography I never realized how many twins and multiples were born until I became a newborn photographer! I get them way more than you might think, and it’s always so much fun to capture double the sweetness. After sharing tight living quarters for several months, many twins naturally snuggle together and lean in […]

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How to use sage in twin newborn photography sessions | Silver Bee Photography ATX

Twin Newborn Photography

This family was blessed with double sets of precious toes, sweet lips, and sparkling eyes – they just welcomed twin baby girls into the world! My heart skipped a beat when they brought these two petite angels into the studio. They were both sleeping soundly and completely unaware that they were about to be the […]

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twin baby girls swaddled in gray wrap | Silver Bee Photography

40 Newborn Session Photos For Inspiration

I’ve been a Newborn Photographer for nearly 10 years. It is not only my job but my passion, and I consider it a privilege to be a part of this fleeting time in a child’s life. I love to capture those tiny details mom and dad wish to cherish, from the wrinkles in their feet to […]

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Austin Newborn Photographer

Twin Baby Boys

Wow, I cannot believe how many newborn twin photo sessions I have had in the month of January!  Not sure if there was something in the water 9 months ago, but I so love working with twins.  Don’t get me wrong, these two little fella’s made me work!  But what that really means to me […]

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Girl Twin Newborn Photo Session

So if you follow me on a regular basis, you know that I love newborn babies and love photographing newborn babies!  So, when a twin photo session happens, it is twice as nice!  These sweet little twin newborn girls were a joy to work with.  Usually one of the twins is a little easier to […]

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Gorgeous Identical Twin Newborn Girls

Oh lordy, are these sweet little identical twin newborn girls so cute or what?  They came to see me when they were fourteen days old and they did just perfect for all the posing!  The smaller of the two was a little more vocal with her grunts but it’s as if she was just talking […]

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