I love photographing newborn babies, so when a twin photo session happens, it is twice as nice!  Twice the snuggles, twice the piggies, and twice the love. It’s absolutely amazing to witness how a child’s personality develops right after birth and in the early days of life. Newborn twins are gifted with such distinctive personalities right away, and I love to capture those little differences. With twins I also make sure to take individual shots, so that Mom and Dad can see all the tiny special details inherent in each baby.

I try to photograph with the least amount of interference, so when they snuggle right up with each other and calm one another, it makes my job twice as wonderful.

Safety and comfort are the most important things when it comes to newborn twin photography sessions here in Austin. I treat each and every baby as if they were my own, every single day. You can rest assured that your precious new twins are in the safe hands of one of the best twin photographers in Austin.

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In addition to newborn twin photography, Silver Bee also provides a wide range of photography services in Austin, Texas. Baby Photography is one of our favorites as we thoroughly enjoy watching little ones grow up and capturing that growth on camera! Our family photography sessions are quite popular and we really enjoy working with the entire family. It all starts with the maternity photography sessions. From the very beginning stages we capture those beautiful moments on camera so that your memories can last a lifetime!

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