Newborn Twin Photography in Austin, TX

Newborn photography specializing in posing twin babies.

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Twice the snuggles, twice the piggies, and twice the love.

With our newborn twin photography in Austin, TX, right here at Silver Bee Photography!

It’s absolutely amazing to witness how a child’s personality develops right after birth and in the early days of life. That’s exactly what we love to document with our baby photography sessions.

There’s something special about newborn twins, though. 

They are gifted with such distinctive personalities right away, and we love to capture those little differences between them.

Want an up-close-and-personal look at our twins photography? Check out the gallery below!

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Capturing the natural bond between your twin babies.

One of our biggest goals with twins is to photograph with the least amount of interference possible, so when they snuggle right up with each other and calm one another, it makes our job twice as wonderful.

Safety and comfort are the most important things when it comes to our twins photography sessions here in Austin. We treat each and every baby as if they were our own, every single day. You can rest assured that your precious new twins are in the safe hands of one of the best twin photographers in Austin.

And by the way, you don’t have to sit out if you don’t want to! We offer family photography, too, so you can capture these early family moments to hold and save forever.

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