What is the Appropriate Portrait Size for your Wall

Depending on the size of your wall, typically an 8×10 photo is a good size for wall portraits. If you have a larger space, then you may want to go with 11×14 or 16×20. It is important to consider the amount of space available when selecting the right size print for your art. If you’re […]

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Choosing The Perfect Photo Printing Size – An Essential Guide

Struggling to decide what size to print your photographs? From small wallet-size prints to large poster-size prints, there are so many sizes to choose from. This guide provides an overview of photo printing sizes and the best ones for you, so you can make an informed decision. Know What Printing Types are Available for each […]

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20 Creative Newborn Photo Ideas for Expecting Parents

Did you know that around 360,000 babies are born every day? That rounds out to about 130 million births per year! More than 151,000 babies were born today and the number continues to grow. In the last 7 months of the year, more than 78,000,000 babies were born. Capturing the beautiful moments of your newborn baby’s life […]

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Custom CD Packaging

  Well, this is for all of you photographers looking to make your photography packaging a little more personal and snazzy.  As a newborn and child photographer, I like to provide custom packaging for each of my families that I work with.  Each and every one is different just like family dynamics are.  This just […]

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DIY Fabric Canopy

Okay, I made this via a tutorial from a fabulous photographer.  She is such an inspiration to me and I love all of her work.  Couldn’t help making a little basket stuffer as well.  And then I thought okay, I may as well make the floor too.  I opted for the 4-foot length as I […]

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