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Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot

Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot With each new family addition comes another dimension of personality, love, and completeness that we didn’t even know we were missing. But once that little bundle of joy arrives, we find our hearts growing even bigger than we thought possible. Whether it’s your very first little one or your fifth, the […]

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Must Take Photos for Newborns

Must Take Photos for Newborns After nine months of wonder, excitement, and anticipation, your little one has finally arrived, and you could not be more enamored. The tiny toes, sweet lips, and soft hair have you gazing upon your little one for hours at a time – even when you know you should be sleeping, […]

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A Proper Idea: What Kind of Props Do You Want for Your Newborn Pictures?

The US birthrate hovers a little under 4 million babies born per year. Once the new mommy recovers a bit, talk of baby photos will almost certainly crop up. Not only can getting photos serve as a bonding experience, but it also provides ready-made gifts for proud grandparents. There’s only one real question left once […]

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Austin Newborn Baby Photography Session

Planning A Newborn Baby Photography Session Welcome to Silver Bee Photography, Austin’s newborn baby photography services! Here, with our experienced and talented photographer, you can create timeless memories of your bundle of joy. Whether you choose a traditional or modern session style, we will capture every moment of your baby’s life and deliver beautiful images […]

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Austin Newborn Baby Photography Session | Silver Bee Photography

Avoid the DIY Newborn Photography Catastrophe, Hire a Professional

At some point, we’ve all seen the hilarity that is “Pinterest Fails”. The cute character pancakes that look like a 4-year-old made them…the crafts that never turn out like the pictures, and the recipes that totally fail and end up in a late night emergency pizza order. We’ve probably all thought a project looked easy. […]

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