A Proper Idea: What Kind of Props Do You Want for Your Newborn Pictures?

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The US birthrate hovers a little under 4 million babies born per year. Once the new mommy recovers a bit, talk of baby photos will almost certainly crop up.

Not only can getting photos serve as a bonding experience, but it also provides ready-made gifts for proud grandparents.

There’s only one real question left once you decide on newborn pictures. What kind of props should we use? Keep reading and we’ll offer you some ideas.

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Themed Clothing

Fortunately for parents, themed baby clothing abounds in the world. You can get holiday themed clothing, which is handy if your child enters the world near a major holiday.

You can get other kinds of themed clothing, like major brands or even superhero-themed clothes. While your child may one day shake their head at that Iron-Man onesie, it’ll make you smile.

Bean Bags

Bean bags make excellent newborn props because they offer full-body support for the newborn. A smart photographer will get a vinyl bean bag for ease of cleanup. That means you need second-layer proper for comfort: a blanket.

Of course, it’s easy for newborn skin to become irritated. While experienced baby photographers will keep baby friendly-blankets on hand, you can always bring your own. A soft cotton blanket works best since it’s a breathable fabric you can wash.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals will remain a part of your child’s life for years to come. Why fight the inevitable. If your child already has a favorite stuffed toy, bring that along. It’ll give you a story to tell down the road.

If not, ask the photographer if they have any appropriate stuffed animals on hand. They will always answer yes if they photograph newborns on a regular basis.


A small wicker basket lined with soft material can make a simply adorable baby picture. It’s like your child is a baby bird in the nest.

You can almost always find a right-sized basket at a craft store for a reasonable price. In a pinch, you might even find one at a big box store. Who knows, they might even have a sale on diapers or formula you take advantage of while you’re there.

Parting Thoughts on Props for Newborn Pictures

Picking a prop for newborn pictures is all about two things: imagination and safety.

For the imagination portion, you must picture your baby in non-standard settings. After all, no baby will spend any time chilling out on a bean bag chair or nestled in a wicker basket at home. That’s why you get cribs and rockers.

The safety feature is the more important consideration. As cute as pictures of a newborn with a screwdriver or hammer might prove, those props can prove sharp or dirty.

The same goes for anything small and plastic since it’s a choking hazard. Think plastic eyes on stuffed animals. Stick with warm objects that can offer lots of support and you’ll walk away with fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

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