Little Girl ~ Newborn Baby Photography in Round Rock, TX

This little girl was so tiny!!  She weighed just over 5 pounds and she is so gorgeous!  I love her color tones that mom requested and the rosy pinks are always my favorite.  My favorite new wraps are the pearl layers from Hello Little Props.  They are very long so great to wrap little ones in and the pearls just ad a little extra detail but not so much that it pulls the eye away from this gorgeous baby girl.  The other edge has fringe which is great for little baby boys.  Having versatile items is always something that I look for to add to my newborn wraps.  Enjoy!

Newborn Baby Photography in Round Rock, TX

Here are a few things to keep in mind when photographing a preemie for a newborn photography session.

Timing is crucial: Preemie babies often spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before coming home, so it’s important to schedule the session after they are stable enough to leave the hospital. This also allows them to have a good feeding schedule so they will be happy for the photo session.

Safety first: Safety should always be the top priority when photographing preemies, as with all babies. A studio environment that is warm and comfortable is best for preemies. They like to have the temperature consistent to keep them warm and cozy.

Be patient: Preemie babies may need more time for feeding, burping, changes, and comforting during the photography session. They usually prefer to be snuggled and close so we can take time for those breaks.

Close-ups and details: I like to focus on capturing close-up shots of the baby’s tiny features, like hands, feet, and eyelashes. These details can be especially endearing with all babies, and especially preemies. I love all the natural details, especially the newborn little flaky skin on their feet. It will remind you how little and fresh they were when they were born.

Remember that the primary goal of a preemie newborn photography session is to capture precious moments with safety and well-being of the baby taking priority. This is my absolute first and foremost when photography any baby. I treat them as if they are my own, with lots of love and care.

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