Must Take Photos for Newborns

Must Take Photos for Newborns

After nine months of wonder, excitement, and anticipation, your little one has finally arrived, and you could not be more enamored. The tiny toes, sweet lips, and soft hair have you gazing upon your little one for hours at a time – even when you know you should be sleeping, too. But you know this time goes fast, and you just want to soak it all in.

Must Take Photos for Newborns

Scheduling a newborn session while you’re expecting is a great way to ensure that you capture those sweet little details. A professional newborn photographer will know just how to safely pose your sweetie to preserve all of those unique features you never want to forget.

Curious about the kinds of images you’ll receive? Here are a few of my favorite must-take newborn photos:

1.    Detail Shots

These are my absolute favorites. I utilize up-close, pull-back, and macro shots of those tiny fingers, toes, belly button, and nose. It’s so much fun to pull these photos back out after a few years and vividly recall every unique detail from when your baby was born.

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2.    The Elusive Sleepy Smile

Sometimes this one just doesn’t end up happening, but when it does, it’s glorious! There’s nothing cuter than when a baby smiles or gives a little smirk in their sleep – all thanks to those adorable newborn reflexes.

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3.    Baby Bum

A great one to show off to the grandparents – and for teasing your kiddo when they’re older. There’s just something irresistibly sweet about a snuggly sleeping baby with their tiny tush in the air.

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4.    Classic Swaddled Pose

Put baby in a swaddle, and your baby will fall asleep in no time, letting us get just about any angle you want of those sweet cheeks. These are great for framing and birth announcements.

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5.    Parents’ Hands

This one is also super versatile. We can use just your hands in the photo or zoom out for your first family portraits with your little one – either way, these really show off how little they were and the strong bond between parents and child.

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