Preemie Newborn Photography

premie newborn photography in austin tx

Preemie Newborn Photography

Children have a way of throwing us for a loop even before birth! Surprise pregnancies, unexpected multiples or genders, and self-determined due dates are just a few ways our babies keep us on our toes. They certainly make life interesting!

All the same, every parent should have a chance to capture those first few weeks of life with their sweet new bundle (or bundles!) of joy regardless of how and when they make their appearance! At our studio, we go to great lengths when planning a preemie newborn photography session to make sure that no matter the circumstances, every family can have beautiful images of their sweet babies!

Here’s how we make it happen in the safest way possible:

  1. Wait a Little Longer

The typical time frame for newborn portraits is 1-2 weeks after birth. But of course, the timeline for preemies is a bit different. With babies who just can’t wait to see the world, we push their session out a bit closer to their actual due date. They’ll have time to get acclimated and grow a bit (maybe add on a few adorable baby rolls!), which will make for a happier baby and better photos.

  1. Let Baby Determine the Schedule

As a preemie, your little one already knows how to take charge. Your petite one ignored that due date and came on his or her own time, after all. So, during the session, we build in time to rest, snack, and get settled.

  1. Immaculate Conditions

Because your little one’s immune system is still developing, we take great care in creating a clean, sterilized environment to the best of our ability. Everything is wiped down and washed between sessions, and we adhere to careful handwashing/sanitizing practices throughout the shoot. No germs here!

  1. Continual Support

Since all newborns, not just preemies, lack neck control, we offer support throughout every pose. No creative pose is worth putting the baby at risk. Our highest priority is keeping the baby’s airway open, neck supported, and temperature regulated. Baby’s comfort and safety are crucial!


Still have questions and concerns? I’d love to answer them for you – connect with me [here]! I know how important this special time is for you and your baby, and I want you both to feel as comfortable as possible during your session.

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