6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your newborn and child photos.  Here are my top 6 why a professional photographer is a must…not necessarily for every day photos, but for those very special times in our lives that are gone in a matter of minutes.

1. Manual Camera Settings

Having a nice camera simply is not enough to take great photographs.  Knowing and understanding the exposure triangle to create sharp images consistently is a must.  The camera will not automatically do this for you, not even in auto settings.  In auto settings you get a few good shots among many not-so-good shots.  When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring knowledge and expertise.


2. Professional editing.

The right professional photographer will edit to give a “wow” factor result.  This shouldn’t be heavy editing, nor should it be changing the reality.  It is knowing how to add just the right amount of contrasting, lighting and darkening in ideal spots and perfect touch of color or clean black and whites.  Newborns tend to have some skin issues when they are born, jaundice and diaper lines are professionally removed.  The right amount of editing changes a photograph into a beautiful piece of art.


3. Lighting.

A professional photographer knows when and where the light is right.  Too much or too little can completely ruin a photograph.  Professional photographers know the correct settings to achieve that perfect sweet spot of lighting.


4. Photography is art.

Professional photographers are artists.  If 10 photographers photograph the same setting or subject, you will get 10 different photographs.  Hiring a professional photographer is going with a particular vision of art.
5. Personality and patience.

Professional newborn and child photographers need to have patience.  Personality plays a big role in choosing the right photographer.  A professional who is trained in working with newborn safety and know how to adjust to different children and their personality is very important…a talent, really.

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6. Most importantly, be in the photos!

Obviously hiring a professional photographer is a must when you want to be in the photos!  I hire out my own photographer twice a year so that I am actually in the photos with my family.  I think it is so important to document love and emotion within a family.  This is always a priceless gift to myself as a photographer and my family.

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