Newborn & Baby Photographer Near Round Rock

Round Rock is a family oriented city in the suburbs of Austin, Texas and quickly becoming one of the most popular cities to relocate to. As one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Round Rock is booming with many new and exciting attractions for families. One of the best family centered activities is a photo shoot. Not only do you get beautiful pictures to look at for decades to come, but the memories are priceless. This is especially true for newborn and baby photography sessions. Your little ones are only little for such a short time and they do so many cute and adorable things, you want to document everything, from those pursed lips to those tiny feet and their chubby grin. A professional Round Rock photographer is the best choice for quality photos. As your baby grows, they get wigglier and harder to take photos of. Ask any parent of a busy baby—they have thousands of photos of their child and many attempts after an attempt to snag the perfect shot of them actually looking at the camera or that fleeting smile. Newborn and baby photography is challenging and it takes a professional who has done this for years, such as Hillary with Silver Bee Photography, to get the most angelic, perfect photos you have dreamed of.

The smash cake trend is all the rage

You may have seen, the 1-year smash cake photography photos—they are sticky, gooey, funny, and sweet. A confused 1-year-old in the most adorable tutu or bow tie sits there with a brightly colored “smash cake” right before them. The photos of their confusion and the progression of curiosity are almost palpable in the photos as they finally dare to touch it. It’s squishy and because they are babies, it must go in their mouth. That first taste of frosting is shocking and oh, so good! Both hands go in, oh boy, this is fun! More frosting in the mouth, what a delicious game! The parents watch delighted and giggling as their darling is having the most fun ever gobbling their first birthday cake with the best baby photographer snapping all these entertaining photos for you to keep forever. It is a trend because it is so fun and any parent who has booked a session knows, these pictures are hilarious and precious. Booking an Austin smash cake session is definitely a must if your child’s 1-year-old birthday is approaching.

Never forget their tiny toes with newborn photography sessions

Just as trendy as smash cake photography is, newborn photography with slumbering babies nestled in baskets or blanket cocoons is also irresistible. In the 1990s, Anne Geddes introduced us all to the wondrous world of babies inside teacups, peapods and hollowed-out pumpkins, selling 19 million books and calendars and soon the world of infant photography changed. Infant announcement cards with whimsical, peaceful scenes featuring the newest members of families have become a lovely tradition. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your little one and let the world know of their arrival. Tiny, little newborns are easy to position into the most adorable positions and Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography is not only expertly trained in the safe photography of newborns, but her creativity and artistic ideas are truly one of a kind. Those darling Anne Geddes calendars everyone had in the 90s were fun, but now you can have photos that are even more unique, and creative and actually mean something to you because it’s your baby. These photos become the art on the nursery walls because that’s exactly what Hillarry strives to achieve, breathtakingly, artistic photos you could stare at forever, your little masterpiece you created and can remember in that infantile stage forever. Don’t let the time pass you by, book your Round Rock newborn and baby photography sessions so those exquisite memories will never be lost.