Best Newborn Photos in October 2014

The fall is off to a great start with some pretty amazing newborns coming my way. I have noticed a pattern of not-so-great sleepers….but when they do sleep, we create a bit of perfection. Just a few days into the new month and already have some favorites.  This little fella had the most beautiful skin and coloring.  He is one of those lucky kind that looks great in any color.  Jealous.


Here is a little one (or not-so-little) that was a dream baby.  He weighs a whopping 10.5 lbs, can you imagine?  But so very sweet and I will admit I love the pudge and rolls on these big ones.  His mama did self-hypnosis during labor and made it all the way with using her mind alone to manage pain.  It’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.  He was happy with his one little pinky sticking straight out.  I tried over and over again to tuck it, but he wasn’t having it.  So we went with it.


And I have to showcase the identical twin baby girls.  The only way to tell them apart is one baby was a tiny bit chubbier and tiny bit more red in her skin.  It is amazing to work with twins as they really do shape and mold themselves in similar ways.  These two were self posers and just needed a little fine tuning from me.


I love when identical twins come to the studio and even the parents have to figure out who is who.  They were perfect for the photo session and neither one gave me a hard time.  They were great sleepers and then of course were both ready to eat at the end, and at the same time.  I’m not sure how parents manage with two or more at one time.  Of course they were easy for me, but I probably got lucky…they couldn’t possibly be this easy all the time, right?

And my favorite baby of this month so far is this little fella.  So easy going, no fussing and let me pose him every way I wanted.  He wasn’t picky about a thing.  We wrapped up his session quickly since he was so easy and his mama couldn’t wait to get her lunch on a Fudrucker’s.  So funny, how some cravings stick around after the baby arrives.


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