3 Things Every Newborn Needs

Becoming a parent is a huge task filled with new discoveries around every corner. Being prepared for parenthood can be incredibly difficult, but with the right advice, you can save time and money with efficient and smart planning. Being prepared for parenthood comes with being able to anticipate all the things new moms need.

While some things may seem obvious, others can be easy to forget about when it comes to stocking up on and planning for all the newborn necessities. This is why we’ve outlined all of the most important things any new parent should make sure they include on their pre-baby shopping list.

Sleepy Time Accommodations

Bedtime and naptime are the most important components of the day when you have a newborn baby. Preparing for these daily periods of time is important, as getting your child to sleep comfortably allows you to have a few spare hours for yourself while your baby grows and rests.

Swaddle blankets are great for ensuring your child sleeps safe and sound. There are many different swaddling techniques, each different and great for individual reasons. In addition to swaddling blankets, choosing a crib can be the most time consuming task of all. Safety, comfort, and price are all qualities that parents must take into account when purchasing a crib for their newborn.

Looking to check that the device has passed safety regulations and is up to speed with the newest regulations is the most important research to do when selecting a crib.

On-the-Go Devices

While it is important to have all the newborn necessities for the baby’s bedroom, including sleeping arrangements and places to play safely, leaving the house is a factor highly overlooked by new moms and dads. Errands and general living require that at some time the parents must leave the home, and when this happens, they probably need to take the newborn with them.

There are plenty of new innovations in technology and devices that allow for babies to sleep or sit comfortably in public, these include strollers, carriers, and swaddling blankets. It can also be difficult to know what factors to look for in a baby carrier or cart. Below are some of the best on the market today with breakdowns of what to look for in each product.

Strollers and Carriages

Push strollers are great for letting your baby nap while you take a walk with a friend, go out for a coffee, travel to and from the grocery store or the bank, or even just move from the house to the car. Not all strollers are the same though and it is important to weigh the factors before buying.

Depending on what you will use the stroller for, ones that are able to fold up and be compact is valuable as they make transportation much easier on new parents. They keep your newborn safe and secure, and fold easily to fit in the trunk of a car or a small closet space. With a new baby your life can very quickly become cluttered, which is why having an easily stored stroller that doesn’t take up to much space is ideal.

It is also important that the stroller is easy to push. A stroller that feels stuck or doesn’t push or maneuver well can make excursions painful and frustrating. This is why it is important to test drive carriages with the appropriate weight within them before purchasing. Try filling the stroller with some items and pushing it back and forth between aisles to see how it turns and moves.

Carriers and Wraps

For smaller journeys, or sitting events where you want to hold your child, a carrier is a great device to own. Rather than just holding your child in your arms for hours on end as your muscles grow tired and your baby becomes uncomfortable, try a soft over the shoulder wrap to aid in the holding of your child, or a compact carrier that allows for the comfort of the crib just about anywhere.

Portable Changing Pads

You never know when there will be an available and convenient place to change a dirty diaper, which is why it is essential to be prepared for potty trips on the go. At home, you have a nice changing table, or a bed with comfortable changing pads and soft wipes for your newborn, but out in public you may, at best, have a changing table in the restroom stall with paper liners.

A diaper bag needs the essentials, wipes, diapers, toys for the child to hold onto while they are being changed, and portable changing pads. Diaper bags can even be customized to look and feel fashionable regardless of the inner contents.

Packing a portable changing pad, in addition to wipes, diapers, and other necessary accommodations that allow for the safe and sanitary changing of a dirty diaper in public, allows parents to take care of their newborn any time anywhere with no hassle, no fuss, no risk of germs, and all the comfort of home.

Parental Self-Care

In all the chaos and commotion of needing to care for your child, one of the most important things new moms need is to take care of themselves. Don’t forget that self-care is essential in caring for others! If you get sick or run down or tired it affects your ability to care for your newborn as a parent, which is why it is important to stock up on parent essentials.

Nipple cream is incredibly important to utilize if you are breastfeeding frequently. It helps your nipples to stay moisturized and comfortable, rather than cracked, chapped, and painful. While it may not seem like a huge deal, dry nipples can affect how frequently you’re able to breastfeed, as well as your comfort overall.

Both mom and dad need to remember to kick back and relax every now and again. Some new parent essentials we recommend include bath oils, eye masks, and lots of healthy foods in the house to help recharge after a busy day.

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