8 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn

Congratulations on your little one! If you’re reading this you are most likely excited, exhausted, and a little bit nervous about the road ahead of you. Being a parent is never easy, but we guarantee that the process is a beautiful one.

One of the first worries that we have as a parent is not being able to build a secure connection with our baby. If this happens to be the case, don’t panic! The process of bonding with newborn is not always instant. While some mothers experience an overflow of love immediately, others don’t, and this is okay.

As long as you are meeting your babies basic needs there is not much to worry about! Trust that over time you’ll bond with them and in the meantime try new things to facilitate this bond. For newborn mothers or expecting ones, here are some ways you can bond with your newborn:

Skin To Skin Contact

When a baby is born, they need love and attention from their mother. This is the first person they see and being a part of them is all they have ever known. Having this skin to skin contact will allow both you and your baby to develop a stronger connection.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when bonding with newborn. You want to hold them when they are crying, rub their head when you are feeding them, and play with their little hands and feet from time to time. This type of contact makes you both feel loved and closer to one another.

Read To Them

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby! Yes, there is absolutely no chance that they will understand the story, but the sound of your voice is soothing – like music to their ears! Reading to them for 10-15 minutes a day is one of the best ways you can bond with your baby.

Sing, Sing, Sing!

Singing to them is a great way to calm them down, put them to sleep, or simply make them happy. With time you’ll learn what songs your baby likes, and which lullabies they absolutely hate! It’s very interesting how babies have different preferences even at such a young age!

Remember that your little one is unique, and they most likely got their specialness from their mother. You are very lucky to have them in their life and trust us they feel even happier to have you in theirs!

Smile Often

There are so many reasons that you should smile, and this is one of them. Your baby feeds off your energy and believe it or not they can sense when you are sad. Seeing you smile makes them happier and we guarantee you will feel happier too!

So next time you are putting them to sleep, changing their diaper, or feeding them, make sure to smile at them (if you’re not doing it already). Eventually, this will come naturally to you and there’s nothing in the world they will love more!


This is another great way to bond with your child. Feed them to meet their needs and do it often! Breastfeeding is a great way to build a strong relationship with your little one. You’ll be able to tell when they are hungry – they usually get fussy or start to cry. Use these cues to give them what they need, when they need it, and keep them happy!

I would also like to add if you are feeding them, don’t prop the bottle. Instead, hold your baby close, rub their head, and make eye contact! These small changes can make a huge difference in the relationship between you and your little one.

Play With Them

You can’t really play games with a newborn but one of the ways your baby feels loved by you play with their toes, arms, or belly! Try rubbing their back, stomach, or head softly. You can also massage their little arms and legs. These are great ways to bond with them and build a strong relationship. As they grow you’ll find new ways to play with them!

Respond To Their Crying Promptly

Your newborn is bound to cry – a lot. Be prepared for this so that when they do you can be at their side as soon as possible. Many believe that doing this will spoil them, but this is not the case at all. In fact, it will make them feel secure with you around. You are their protector and taking care of them when they cry shows them you are there for them.

Check out this useful guide from Healthy Children about responding to babies’ crying, why you should do this, and different ways to soothe them.

Do a Newborn Photoshoot

A photo session with your baby is a great way to start a lasting bond! Newborns are very fragile which is why at Silver Bee Photography we promise you and your little one a safe experience. You will have adorable pictures of them that will last a lifetime and that you can share with them once they get older.

We have a lot of experience working with babies and getting them into the adorable poses. Our team will walk you through the entire photoshoot process beforehand, so you know what to expect when you arrive at the session. Photographs are great ways to bond with your baby and build a strong connection.

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We hope this guide has taught you new ways to bond with your little one but more importantly shown you that not having this instant bond with your baby is normal. Bonding with newborn takes some time and the lack of these feelings are due to all kinds of factors like medical issues, postpartum depression, or a traumatic birth.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with Silver Bee Photography or to learn more about our services! We can’t wait to meet your little one and take breathtaking photos of them that you’ll cherish forever. We look forward to meeting you and your precious baby soon.

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