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Your Little Model: What to Know About Doing Newborn Photos

Did you know that parents post as much as 4.2 times more on social media than people who don’t have kids? Every parent can agree that babies are irresistible. They’ll also agree that kids grow up too fast. If you want to snap your baby’s sweetest moments before this happens, a newborn photographer can help. Not sure how to prepare for a […]

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Avoid the DIY Newborn Photography Catastrophe, Hire a Professional

At some point, we’ve all seen the hilarity that is “Pinterest Fails”. The cute character pancakes that look like a 4-year-old made them…the crafts that never turn out like the pictures, and the recipes that totally fail and end up in a late night emergency pizza order. We’ve probably all thought a project looked easy. […]

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Newborn Photo Shoot With Siblings

Why newborn family photography? Okay, so let’s be honest! Newborn, sibling, family photography can be a bit of a challenge.  When a new baby arrives in a family you really don’t know how the older siblings are going to respond. Sometimes they love them and can’t get enough of the new baby and sometimes they don’t […]

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