Your Little Model: What to Know About Doing Newborn Photos

Did you know that parents post as much as 4.2 times more on social media than people who don’t have kids?

Every parent can agree that babies are irresistible. They’ll also agree that kids grow up too fast. If you want to snap your baby’s sweetest moments before this happens, a newborn photographer can help.

Not sure how to prepare for a professional photo shoot? Keep reading to learn more about the art of capturing the best newborn photos.

Newborn Photography Is Easiest with Sleepy, Fed Babies

newborn photos in austin texasTaking newborn pics is never easy, but some measures can help. The most important thing you can do before the shoot is make sure your baby is fed.

Feeding half an hour in advance will ensure the baby is satisfied. Their stomachs will also have enough time to settle.

Be sure to burp your baby and change their diaper if necessary.

The added bonus of feeding your baby right before the shoot is they’ll feel extra sleepy. If you’ve ever eaten a satisfying meal, you know how tempting it is to take a nap after. The longer your baby can stay asleep during the process, the more relaxed your baby and photographer will feel.

Staying Quiet Helps the Photographer Take Newborn Photos

Babies may not seem too aware, but they can actually recognize their parents’ voices.

It’s important for parents to stay quiet and on the sidelines so the photographer can work their magic. If the baby knows you’re in the room, they may fuss or cry for food and attention.

Do keep in mind that you should still be part of the process, though. If you have any comments for your photographer, let them know your thoughts so they can accommodate your wishes.

Newborn Pictures Take Longer Than You’d Expect

newborn photo shoot austin texasLots of newborn photos look effortlessly dreamy. This gives parents false expectations going into their own photoshoot. In reality, photographers can spend hours getting that perfect shot.

Although everyone is different, you can expect a newborn photo shoot to last anywhere from one to four hours. If you want an estimate beforehand, get in touch with your specific photographer.

Since you’ll be at the studio for a while, it’s necessary to bring the essentials. If your baby has a favorite pacifier or blanket, bring that too to keep them calm.

Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Loose Before the Shoot

Have you ever worn anything tight and realized you had deep fabric imprints after you took the clothes off? Since babies like being swaddled, their clothes can be snug, too.

In order to avoid these marks on your baby, make sure to fasten their diaper loosely and let their skin breathe.

Ready to Get the Cutest Newborn Pics?

Now that you know what to expect the day of the shoot, you can ensure you get the best newborn photos.

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Newborn photography is our specialty, which means we know how to make the process as calm as possible. Check out our pricing to learn more.

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