Being a newborn photographer, I have a responsibility to give my clients a great experience. That means not only creating timeless photos but providing a peace of mind that those little tots are in good hands.

In this guide, I will share with you several different poses utilized in newborn photography as well as examples. For first-time photographers, I encourage yourself to familiarize yourself with them all. For a more in-depth of each of these poses go ahead and sign up for one of my newborn photography workshops. During this workshop, I’ll educate you on how to exactly achieve the pose as well as precautions to take with each one.


The 6 Basic Newborn Poses

Most of these can be taken on a safe beanbag, or on a setup on the floor. From these 6 basic poses you will be provided with an unlimited number of pictures, as each baby and prop can have several different adjustments.


Taco Pose




Bum Up Pose


bum up pose newborn


Side Lying Pose



Chin on Wrists Pose




Supine Curl Pose



Frog Pose



Relational Poses


Some parents are thrilled to be included in a photo with their little one, while others would rather go for a much needed nap. While it may take some convincing, poses with mom and dad can be a great seller come proofing time. Sibling shots are also irresistible. See a few examples of each below.


Parents Relational Poses


Gorgeous photo of mother and her newborn son posing for portrait session

father newborn posing


Sibling Relational Poses



Newborn-twin-photos pose

posing newborn twin photography


Natural Poses


Natural poses are great because they are risk free. These are poses you might find the baby in on any given day such as lying on their side or on their tummy with their bum up. Lie a baby on their back, and they will pose accordingly. With these types of photos it’s great to utilize soft textures such as blankets and wraps or several combinations of each.

Neworn posing in a box

newborn pose naturalbest newborn photography pose10 pound newborn baby pose


Outdoor Newborn Poses

Outdoor newborn poses can be quite stunning, and are becoming increasingly popular among photographers and their clients. The elements of natural light and natural beauty create striking results.


A word of caution to veteran photographers. (I would not suggest attempting this without years of experience and a number of newborn photography workshops under your belt) Outdoor newborn poses should be handled properly and carefully. Do not attempt any pose without knowing the safe approach to handling the setup. There are elements outdoors that we don’t have to worry about in the studio such as temperature, wind, bugs, sun, noises, etc. You can learn the specific set ups that allow for a much more comfortable baby while also being safer in my newborn photography workshop.

Attaining Every Pose

If you feel resistance getting baby into a pose, stop and move on. There is enough variety that you don’t need to hit every pose with every baby. Remember, it’s not the number of poses you get through in one session, it’s the quality. So be safe, make sure mom is comfortable with what you’re doing, and be sure to add your own signature touch to set yourself apart from the rest.

outdoor newborn pose

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