Silver Bee Photography Wins Excellence Award from Photography Magazine

Since 2007, Photography Magazine has been featuring the world’s top photographers on their website.  Hillarry of Silver Bee Photography is honored to receive the Excellence Award for newborn photography for 2016!

award winning newborn photographer austin tx
Silver Bee also made the list for the top newborn photographers in Texas from Photography Magazine.  There is amazing talent in the Texas photography community so it seems so amazing and I am beyond grateful for the acknowledgment.

It was amazing to wake up and see that I had won an excellence award, especially for newborn photography.  It is such an honor and I feel so blessed to be in this awesome community of photographers with so much talent.  I love photographing all ages, but if truth must be told, newborn is hands down my favorite.  I can’t quite place what it is that I love about them, or perhaps it is everything.  I have two kids of my own (that aren’t so little anymore)  and it is the perfect balance that I get to spend a few hours a day with these tiny beings and then off they go home with their parents.  People always ask me if I want another baby and of course having older kids and life is a little easier in some ways, most days I would say I’m good with my two.  It’s just another bonus of photographing newborns and getting my baby fix in.  It is so true how fast time goes by so I’m so grateful that I capture these little moments in time that will be gone tomorrow.  If this keeps up, I am a happy happy girl :). Thank you so much to all of you out there that have encouraged me to perfect my craft, you are so appreciated.

If you are looking for the best professional newborn photographer in the Austin, Texas area book a session with Silver Bee Photography by calling 512-522-5031.

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