Newborn & Baby Photographer Near Cedar Park

Newborn and baby photography is special. The presence of a newborn baby in the studio slows everything down and really helps Hillarry focus on the details. Cedar Park is the home to some of the cutest babies Hillarry photographs at Silver Bee Photography. From wrinkly newborn baby bums to gummy smiles shown during a 6 month baby session, Hillary captures every last detail of your baby for you to cherish for many years.

Mommy’s Little Model

Each photographer who focuses on newborns and babies has a personal style that sets their photographs apart from other local photographers. Hillarry has crafted a beautiful style over 11 years in the photography business in Texas. She has come to appreciate bright lighting and natural editing through her extensive experience. Authentic, bright images are some of Hillarry’s favorite pieces and she photographs babies with that very goal in mind. In Hillarry’s opinion, editing should only enhance the natural features of your baby and not change them.

Hillarry loves to pose your newborn baby with the help of many of her darling props. Take a quick glance at her Facebook and you will see that baskets and gauze wraps are some of her favorite ways to display your new baby. Texture is not left out of any images that Hillarry takes of babies. She understands how texture adds to an overall photograph. You are sure to have different textures used throughout your session with the purpose of adding dimension and depth to the image. Chunky blankets and faux furs are often used in newborn images taken by Silver Bee Photography as she builds layers and elements to each one of her images.

Safety First

Hillarry poses your babies using her extensive knowledge in newborn photography safety. She will not pose your baby in a position that may become dangerous for your newborn. The safety of your baby is always the number one priority to Hillarry. She takes her time to be sure to care for your baby first and then take beautiful pictures. Newborns are fragile and she keeps their every need in mind while she works. Her office is toasty warm and the session is scheduled to include plenty of time for you to feed the new baby as needed.

1st Year Packages

The first year of your baby’s life seems to go by incredibly quickly. They change at a rapid pace and it seems as though if you blink your eyes you may miss something. First year baby packages are a great way to ensure that you have captured each stage of your baby’s development to look back on later in life. Some of the mile markers Hillarry plans to capture include the first few weeks of your babies life, three, six, and nine month marks, as well as their first birthday. So many changes happen between when newborn images are taken and when the baby’s first birthday session is scheduled. As a mom, you will want to be able to look back on the stages in between these two main mile markers.

Silver Bee Photography is close to Cedar Park and is one of the best newborn photographers that you can hire to capture the sweet features of your new baby. You will not regret hiring Hillarry to photograph your new baby from their first few weeks through their first birthday.