Planning for a newborn photo shoot doesn’t have to be stressful.  With just a little bit of preparation, your entire family can feel prepared and have a wonderful time when it comes time for your little one to shine.

Schedule in Advance
The window for capturing your bundle’s best moments as a newborn is fairly brief, and with newborn photography becoming increasingly popular, scheduling a session in advance is of paramount importance.  Of course, no one can predict your schedule at this point, but penciling in an appointment is a good first step.  Give yourself a few days to recover, and schedule your appointment for sometime in the first few weeks.

Get to Know Your Photographer
While you are waiting for your special arrival, take some time to get to know your photographer.  Check out blogs and reviews to familiarize yourself with your photographer’s aesthetic.  Talk to other parents who have had experience with your photographer.  The more you know in advance, the more sure you will be that you’ve made the right decision.  It is important that you and your photographer are on the same .

Discuss a Shot List in Advance
If you have any particular poses, locations or props that you would like represented in your photo shoot, it is essential that you discuss them with your photographer in advance.  Be sure that your photographer shares your vision for the session.  Discuss any shots that your photographer would like to include, to ensure that you, your partner, and your little one are all prepared.

Make Yourself Feel Beautiful
It is important that mommies feel calm, relaxed and refreshed during their baby’s session.  Pay particular attention to your hands and feet, as they may be featured in some shots.  Most importantly, just try and feel your best.  Babies are very perceptive and will react poorly if their parents are stressed or frustrated.  You may not be feeling 100% in the few days after your labor, so take some time for yourself to relax and regroup.

Loosen the Diaper
Diapers, hats and other clothing can leave marks and folds on your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.  Many shots of your baby will be taken while the little one is in the buff, so avoiding those red marks will be key.  Don’t stress about it, but if possible, loosen your baby’s diaper about thirty minutes before the session, and avoid any tight clothing that might make marks on your baby’s precious skin.

There’s a lot that goes into this but you can rest assured that the photo shoot will go on and that you can not go wrong with one of Austin premier newborn photography service providers here at Silver Bee Photography.