When photographing your precious little one, safety is of the utmost concern.  Though photography is not a full contact sport and usually has few safety concerns, newborns are delicate, unpredictable and the most precious things in the world.  Photographers should never compromise the safety of a baby just to capture a great shot.  At the end of the day the safety of your newborn is our greatest concern.  With so many things going on in a session, an extra pair of eyes honed on safety are always welcome.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when discussing shots with your photographer, and during the photography session itself.

Always Have Someone Nearby
A photographer, spotter or parent should always be in arms length of the child.  Supporting hands can always be cropped or edited out, so don’t worry about standing too close.  Of course, never leave the child unattended, even if not in a posed shot.

Keep Heaters at a Distance
The studio will be warm and there will be space heaters around.  Make sure that no one carelessly shifts a heater to be too close to the baby or to any props like blankets or wraps.

Keep the Baby’s Head Supported
In upright poses especially, your baby’s head and neck need to be supported.  This is a great time to lend a hand.  Again, don’t worry about being in the shot, we can always fix up the picture later.

Keep Props Padded
Props shouldn’t be rough or uncomfortable anyway, but even so, be sure that hard props are padded.  Your baby’s skin is very delicate at this point, and even a minor irritation can make for a very grumpy little one.

Listen to Your Baby
You know your newborn best.  Listen to their sounds and pay attention to their reactions.  If you think your little one needs a break, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer.  If it is for feeding, a rest or just a cuddle, don’t worry, we understand that everyone needs a break every once in a while.

A newborn photography session is never a dangerous undertaking.  However, anytime you are positioning a baby, extra caution should be taken.  As photographers, your baby’s safety is of our highest concern, and we have made our studio the safest location possible.  Even so, with so many moving props and equipment, and the unpredictability of newborns, everyone in the room should be vigilant.