Newborn & Baby Photographer Near Lakeway

Preserving Memories

Bringing home your tiny baby from the hospital here in Lakeway is easily one of the best and most rewarding feelings you will experience. Of course, feelings of inadequacy and fright may soon follow as you prepare to teach and raise a tiny baby, but the overwhelming happiness and joy of being parents quickly regains your focus as you snuggle that brand new bundle of joy in your arms.

It seems as though the minutes travel at lightning speed in the first few weeks of your baby’s life and quite honestly they do. Your new baby is growing and changing faster than they ever will again and as convenient as it would be to stop time, we can’t. Luckily, newborn photography allows you to capture your baby in the first few weeks of their life and save those images and memories for you to cherish forever.

Newborn Portrait Session

Time is moving incredibly fast and there are images that you will want to have to look back on when you feel like your newborn suddenly grew into a toddler overnight– right in front of your eyes. Depending on what you wish, you may want to take first day baby pictures at the hospital or wait until your baby is between 1 and 3 weeks old.

The first day of your babies life is a whirlwind, both for you and them. There will be so many people in and out of your room as they care for both you and the new baby. If you want to preserve the memories of the first moments of your babies life, first day baby pictures may be a perfect fit. The images a professional newborn photographer is able to capture are crisp, clear, and focused on the features you will want to remember of your newborn on that first day of their lives.

Some moms prefer to have the those first few days to learn and love on their new baby and wait to take pictures in the next few weeks. Hillarry suggests that you take newborn pictures within the first few weeks of your babies life, so she can capture all of the tiny features you will not want to forget. As one of the best newborn photographers in Lakeway, Hillarry will take exceptional care of your new baby. She understands how to position your newborn perfectly in order to capture every little wrinkle and freckle that makes your baby, yours.

Safety is of utmost importance to Hillarry and you can be assured that your baby is in great hands as she makes them comfortable and safe while using many adorable backdrops and props which are available in her photography studio.

Baby & Infant Sessions

Babies continue to grow so quickly throughout the first year of their life. Hillarry has created incredible baby packages for you to choose from so you will have your babies progression photographed from their tiny newborn bodies to their gummy smiles and their curious faces as they sit in their high chair during their one year cake smash session.

There are stages throughout the first year of your babies life that you will not want to miss being photographed. While you can take images every day at home, having professional images of your baby is so valuable. The first year of your baby’s life is special; your baby will only be little once. Missing out on the chance to have beautiful pictures captured as your children grow and change takes away the opportunity for you to look back on your favorite things about each stage of your baby’s life. Hiring Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography to capture every stage of your baby’s progress is a decision you will not regret.