3 week old newborn baby boy photos

Well, for those of you who know me well, know that babies two weeks and older can be a little tricky with newborn photos.  Not impossible…but tricky!  They usually just need a little more snuggles and top-offs than say a 5-day-old baby.  And as you know I love to snuggle them so it can actually be in my favor.  So this little guy comes to me at 21-days-old…remember tricky but not impossible.  Oh my goodness, did I have it all wrong, or I at least got lucky.  Not only is he adorable and gorgeous but a breeze.  He would let me know right away if he was not having it and then we worked it out.  I loved everything about him and he was a joy to photograph.  Thank you Wai for introducing me to your new little guy!

baby sleeping on beanbag fabric

Newborn boy sleeping on bean bag

He must have been pretty cozy and happy to flash this bitty smile!  I can never get enough of those innocent, just-hanging-out kinda smiles.  You do have to wonder what they are dreaming of .  I know, they are involuntary movements, but still can’t help but think they are dreaming of something wonderful!

Green newborn boy hat sleeping in basket with faux fur Cedar Park Tx.

Such a cute little bub.  Pretty exciting that this newborn baby boy was happy to still be curled up and cross-legged.  His mama sent me the birth announcement she created and if I do say so myself, the photos were mighty good!  It makes me happy that I push my own limits and can create some wonderful photos for a three week old baby.  So funny, because that is still so tiny, but considered an older baby in my world.  He sure is going to be a handsome little dude when he grows up.  Gorgeous skin, gorgeous eyes and a flashy smile.  He is good to go for breaking some hearts.

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