DIY Fabric Canopy

Okay, I made this via a tutorial from a fabulous photographer.  She is such an inspiration to me and I love all of her work.  Couldn’t help making a little basket stuffer as well.  And then I thought okay, I may as well make the floor too.  I opted for the 4-foot length as I have way too much stuff around here and it is taking over!  For the background, I simply painted a piece of plywood to match the floor color.  But seriously, how cute is this!  This little one was such a good sleeper!  We actually had to wake her to eat, she was out the whole time.  Such a sweet little baby, one of the easiest I have had to date.  More to later with her session, but had to get this one up as I love it so!  Feel free to leave some love here and check back for the full blog soon!

baby girl with linen canopy


Especially with these babies that I get spend my day with and they don’t give me any fuss!  And for those of you who are crafty, this was so easy to make and I finished it in about 30 minutes.  So you should get on out there and make one today!  Thank you again to Son Kissed Photography for your inspiration!  Love it!  I have a feeling this will become a staple set up in the studio and I think I will try some other combination of colors too!  I might even revers the colors and have a chocolate floor with creme crackle.  Hmmm, maybe I will get that done this weekend if I get caught up on editing (doubtful)!  Rambling on again, just so excited and can’t get enough of this setup.  Whew, I’m out of breath.  Bye!

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