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Pregnancy Announcement Series

Welcome to the fourth and last installment of the Pregnancy Announcement Series! If you just now checking it out, make sure to go back and see the previous three! Just to give a quick overview, the first post in the series covered all things letter board, the second post covered how to incorporate your other children in your announcement, and the last post, the third, covered how to create an announcement that was inspired by (most of) the holidays throughout the year.

For the grand finale, I’m going to talk about how to make your pregnancy announcement in person. That’s right, folks…good ‘ole face to face. (Don’t worry, even if you didn’t post it, it still happened!) These are quite possibly the most difficult to do in a cute way because the setup can be a challenge. But rest assured, they can be done well! I covered in an earlier post that I love puns, so let’s start there!

We all know the colloquialism “bun in the oven,” so have the person to whom you’re telling the news to check the oven and have a hamburger bun or fresh roll bun sitting on a cookie sheet. Pea in the pod, while lesser-known, is still a rather ubiquitous way of saying someone’s pregnant. Try serving peas in a pod if you’re having them over for dinner and then lead them with questions to get it. Better yet, add the two together to see if they catch on.

Speaking of dinner, if you’re going out to dinner with those whom you plan on telling, make the reservation for one more than the people that will be there. At first, they might just think you’re bad at math or they’ll simply be confused. However, this will no doubt raise questions that will open the door for sharing the news.

If those seem too kitschy or a hassle, you can always go with the tried and true classic: get something for your parents that says “grandparents” or your siblings something that says “aunt/uncle.” You can’t go wrong with those, and it’s something that they’ll get to use!

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