Milestone Photo Ideas

Milestone Photo Ideas

Milestone Photo Ideas

If your baby has a milestone coming up – say six or nine months – or even their first birthday, choosing a fall theme for their photoshoot is a creative way to show the time of year the milestone happened through your photos.

Fall-inspired color pallets are gorgeous for both baby boys and girls, so let’s get together and create the perfect backdrops for your upcoming shoot.

Needing some ideas to get you started?

Here are a few of my favorite fall infant photography themes:

  1. Get Colorful – I’m sure you can imagine a fall palette in your head: shades of burgundy, crimson, orange, mustard, and brown paired with some complementary violet, green, or blue hues. These colors look so beautiful and cozy!


  1. Sunflowers – I love using sunflowers because the blooms are so big, and babies are so little. The comparison is so cute – sometimes the flowers are as big as a baby’s head! These make for extra cheerful and bright photos.


  1. Pumpkin Patch – Of course, pumpkins probably come to mind for fall, but you don’t have to stick with the typical orange ones. If you want a simple, classic theme, use a few white pumpkins to pair with your set, or maybe go with small, unique gourds. If your baby is starting to stand, a huge orange pumpkin is a cute prop for your baby to lean on to show off the season and the milestone.


  1. Chunky Knit – When the chilly weather really sets in, chunky cable knit scarves, blankets, and hats add lots of texture, color, and coziness to the photos.


  1. Acorns & Leaves – Incorporate nature’s own beautiful accents to add texture and color to your photos. Acorn themes also make for cute hats and outfit ideas.


  1. Plaid & Rustic Accents – A plaid picnic blanket, tin buckets, rustic wood, woven baskets, and burlap all lend themselves to a charming fall feel.

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