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There is nothing like giving a parent the timeless memory of their beloved newborn or child. Precious little ones only stay little for so long, which makes capturing their portraits so important. At Silver Bee Photography we not only capture portraits, but memories, small wrinkles in time that can be taken home to treasure always. We offer the best photography Austin, Texas has to offer. Sessions are comfortable, relaxed, and carefree. Rest assured that your family members are in safe nurturing hands with a professional and experienced photographer.
Silver Bee Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

From the tiny wrinkles in their feet to the tiny whisps of hair on their heads, I love to capture the unique characteristics of new life. My style of photography is simple and organic. It’s my belief newborns photograph best in their natural state, which is why I capture those sweet newborn features using only natural window light. I also try to pose the baby as little as possible. The best photo sessions are those that unfold naturally, inspired by the uniqueness of each baby. Whether it’s dimples, big bright eyes, or full pouty lips, I highlight the beauty of each individual newborn in their photographs.
Austin Baby Photographer

Baby Photography

I see perfection in every baby and child I meet, and take the time to photograph their unique features in the most beautiful natural light. Throughout our session, your baby will move, stretch, yawn, and sleep as he pleases, creating perfect precious movements. You’ll never forget the early days of your baby’s life with these truly timeless moments you can fawn over again and again. Baby portraits will be lasting reminders of you little ones while they were still little.
Silver Bee Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

It’s common knowledge that women emanate a stunning glow during pregnancy, and I love to bring this glow out in their maternity portraits. Maternity photography is something special and romantic. It is the perfect picture of creation and love, and an embodiment of the true beauty of womanhood. Everyone in the room can sense the feelings of anticipation and unyielding, unconditional love. It is truly exciting to be a part of such joy. And after every maternity session, I always hope I get the chance to meet the bun in the oven for their newborn session.
Silver Bee Twin Photography

Twin photography

Twin photography means twice the cuteness, which makes my job twice as wonderful. But photographing twins is unique in that there are also twice the features to capture. Even in the early days of life newborn twins are gifted with such unique attitudes and dispositions, and I love to capture those little differences. During your session, photographing those tiny details inherent in each baby will be equally important as photographing the twins together.
Family Photographer Austin Texas

Family Photography

Babies and newborns aren’t the only subjects I enjoy photographing. I love capturing every single one of life’s many milestones. Whether your child is learning how to crawl, walk, or blow kisses; whether they learned how to ride a bike without training wheels or are welcoming a new sibling, every moment is worth documenting, and every photo session will be just as sincere and rewarding. I am truly blessed to be welcomed into the lives of such warm loving families in the Austin, Texas area. Telling a family’s story through my photography has grown to be one of my greatest passions.
Silver Bee Newborn Photography Workshop


Newborn Photography Workshop

Learn to photograph newborns like a pro with Silver Bee’s private one on one and small group mentoring workshops. Our classes teach aspiring newborn photographers everything they need to know about posing, setup, natural lighting, post processing, and business basics. Even if you are a seasoned vet, this is a great opportunity to fine-tune your skills. All you need is a basic knowledge of manual camera settings and a 50mm lens.


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There are many reasons to capture life’s special moments. Silver Bee offers photography sessions for every single one of them. We offer the best newborn photography in Austin, Texas at an affordable price. If you love those priceless bare bum photos and want to hold onto every last newborn detail, I can help you capture them. It’s best to schedule your newborn session prior to the birth of the baby if possible. My calendar fills up quickly, so book your session today to ensure your baby’s first days are documented forever.
Silver Bee Photography also offers family, children, baby, twin, and maternity portraits. I will gladly incorporate any ideas you have in mind for your photo session, and always keep a relaxed atmosphere. Feel comfortable and at ease with a photographer who will never rush you and makes safety a top priority.
I am a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and Professional Photographers of America

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