The Best Locations for Family Photo Sessions in Austin, Texas

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There are so many benefits to having tons of professional pictures of your family. Not only do you have memories that will last you a lifetime, but you’ll also have options galore for invitations, Christmas cards, and decorations for your home.

So when it comes time to get your pictures taken, you’ll want the best locations for family photo sessions. Look no further than this simple guide to where the best locations for family photo sessions in Austin are so that you can have a fun photoshoot with the best results possible.

Bull Creek Park

Bull Creek Park is a beautiful area with many options for photos as a family. It has astonishing trails that often feature water, so if you’re into ponds, streams, or little waterfalls then this is the place for you.

It’s also a great place to have a lot of fun. After your photo session, you can change out of your clothes (or go for a casual family photo look!) and go explore.

Even your furry family members will get a kick out of this location.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

If flowers and plants are a must on your list, but you also like clear trails and structures, you’ll love the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Like any botanical garden, there is plenty of space and no lack of color.

You’ll get to pose with unique and curated flora all around you, and you’ll have plenty of backdrops to work with that can be fun for any photographer. At this location, make sure you account for the photo fee that comes with taking professional pictures.

Sekrit Theater

If you’re looking to have pictures with a little bit more “quirk” to them, check out the Sekrit Theater. It’s an abandoned garden photography space with plenty of unique scenes.

The Sekrit Theater has a great collection of photo-ops from an overgrown greenhouse to an abandoned school bus for you to pose and play with. Great for all ages, especially kids who have a big imagination, you’ll see the magic come to life here.

Your family will definitely have some original shots and on top of that, your photographer will jump at the creative opportunities of the space. Make note that this venue does have a photo fee because photography is its primary purpose.

Mayfield Park

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue with some old-fashioned style, you can give Mayfield park a try. It’s an official historic place, which means that it’s protected and preserved.

You can explore taking pictures around the cottage, and also in the cottage gardens which hold their own special merit. On top of this, Mayfield Park is also known for its peacocks — that’s right, peacocks — that saunter around.

So if you’re looking for an elegant and eclectic photo set, Mayfield Park offers the best of both worlds.

Seaholm District

If you want a more urban look to your family photos, you might consider having them taken in the Seaholm District.

The Seaholm District is located in downtown Austin, having that classic “city” vibe to it. If you lean towards that theme, this option offers tons of different locations for you to choose from as you walk the streets.

This is also a great opportunity for your photographer to let their creativity go wild. All you’ll need to prepare for is paying for parking and doing a fair amount of walking.

It might take a minute to get to a really cool spot, but if it matches your vision then it will be worth it!

The State Capitol

Finally, if you’re a lover of architecture, you can get exceptional and impressive shots at the Texas State Capitol building.

This building is actually even taller than the one in D.C., which makes for a great backdrop in pictures. There are also plenty of statues and well-kept lawns and trees.

Another great perk is that you can also take pictures inside the building, which offers a whole different perspective to your pictures. There are grand staircases and intricate designs, and best of all, it’s free!

What Makes a Great Session

Now that you have a list of location options to work with, it’s important to understand what makes a session to the next level. It helps to know where you want your photos taken, but there are other factors that will increase their quality.

Here are a couple of bonus tips to help you feel prepared for your family photo session.

Color Coordination

You can definitely expect your photographer to help you color-coordinate your outfits as a family. This is going also going to depend on the place where you’re having your photos taken.

Keeping color in mind when you choose a location will help you feel more confident, knowing that you’ll probably have to wear a color that complements the space around it. So if you like wearing green, you don’t want to choose somewhere with a lot of pink or red.

Time of Day

Another important factor is what time of day it is. A sunset shoot is beautiful in a natural landscape, but if you want sunset you won’t want to be in a place that doesn’t showcase it well, like a lot of buildings.

It’s important to figure out which element will mean more to you; the timing or the location. That way you can make the most informed decision possible.

Say Cheese at the Best Locations for Family Photo Sessions

Now you have a great list of locations for family photo sessions that you can suggest to your photographer and have a little understanding of what to expect when it comes time for your photoshoot. You’ll feel more than prepared and can simply look forward to the day.

If you’re still on the search for a professional photographer, you can end it now! Silver Bee Photography would be honored to capture your beautiful family and deliver flawless photos, so get in touch today to start scheduling the perfect session.

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