Maternity Photographer Near Round Rock

Round Rock, Texas is a beautiful suburban neighborhood of Austin and in a recent survey of residents, 93% said they felt “very safe” living here. In comparison to other cities with populations over 100,000, this is a huge bonus to any parent wanting to raise their children in a safe community. When you are pregnant, you want the best for your baby. You want to be the best parent and give them a good life filled with as much love possible. It is such a precious time and even though pregnancy can feel tiring and physically draining, you are growing life! It is a time to be celebrated and remembered. Even though you may not feel glorious, heroic and brave, you should. What you are embarking upon is one of the noblest tasks you will ever do. Round Rock maternity photography is the perfect thing to commemorate the soon arrival of this little blessing in your life.

The best thing about booking a maternity photo shoot

Sometimes women feel awkward about booking a maternity photo session with a local photographer. Feelings of self-consciousness about your growing belly might cause you to shy away from the idea. There are so many reasons for hiring a Round Rock maternity photographer. Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography makes you feel relaxed and at ease. This all about you and making you feel beautiful and dedicating these moments to the courageous act you are doing to bring another soul into this world. Here are some ideas for your maternity photo shoot:

  • Pregnancy announcement: No matter the size of your baby bump, making the official announcement on social media and to family can be extremely fun! Coming up with a unique and creative way to do that, however, is a challenge. Silver Bee Photography has lots of props and ideas on how to bring your pregnancy announcement to life. Adding in siblings for big brother or big sister photos makes this adorable announcement fun for the whole family and a great keepsake.
  • Gender reveal: Gender reveals have become a trendy and exciting way to announce to the world what you are having. Pink or blue balloons, confetti or cake are excitedly discovered and the best thing is to have a Round Rock photographer to capture that natural and raw emotion of yourself, your significant other as well as friends and family when it is revealed whether you are carrying a princess or a prince.
  • Maternity photo session with family: Centering the arrival of your little baby around the entire family’s excitement makes this type of photo session a real treasure for everyone. Darling poses of soon-to-be siblings kissing mommy’s tummy or your partner posing adoringly with you as you all celebrate together your growing family.
  • Recognizing you: You are the one who spends nearly every waking (and sleeping!) second thinking about the baby growing inside of you. You are the hero, the champion who will bring this baby into the world. A maternity photo shoot not only helps you feel gorgeous and glowing, but it helps you recognize the extraordinarily selfless thing you are going through for your baby. Every stretch march should be appreciated because it was a sacrifice you gave for this little child you will love more than life itself. It’s time to feel beautiful and hire a Round Rock photographer because you deserve it.

Memories to last a lifetime

It is amazing how such a little thing can take up so much space in your heart. You never could imagine it possible till you actually experience it and Silver Bee Photography is able to convey this beauty through gorgeous maternity photos. The artistic and splendid work Hillarry is able to achieve will take your breath away. Hold onto these precious moments and book a Round Rock photography maternity session today. You won’t regret it.