Pudgy Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session

Honestly, how do babies get to be this cute?  I knew this babe would be ridiculously gorgeous when I met his mom and dad at their maternity photo session.  He has good genes coming to him.  His newborn session was a breeze.  He slept and had no troubles with posing and all around easy going.  I can’t believe how many newborn boys are being born in Austin right now!  Of course, I do love those little guys, reminds me of when my own were teeny tiny and it is so amazing to watch them grow.

Austin newborn baby boy photo session sleeping on brown boucel blanket with striped earflap hat.

This little one was a natural poser.  I would get him just right, take the shots and then he would adjust on his own into a cute little one-of-a-kind position.  Smart guy, gave me some new ways of posing!

Newborn baby boy doing froggie pose with blue and brown earflap beanie hat in Austin Texas.

His mom and dad picked out their prints and they were all my favorites so we must have been thinking alike! This little guys mama is a teacher and she has that natural and easy love for kids and especially for her very own. Being a first time mom can be overwhelming and you don’t always know what to do, but it is like second nature to this mama. She is so calm and easy going too, must be where he gets it from (wink)!

Newborn Photo session in Austin with boy sleeping on burlap newborn bed prop with brown flokati rug.

I was so excited to get my burlap newborn prop bed from Woodsey Wonders

. I have to pace myself and not go crazy buying from her shop. Everything is hand made and quick too! Perfect accessory for these sweet little babes. He fits just right, showing off his little pudge.

One week old newborn baby boy sleeping for newborn photo session on golden boucle blanket and dark gray aviator knitted hat in Austin Texas.

I usually ask parents if they are having more, some are not so sure, some are absolutely sure and some need some time to figure it out. I knew before even asking and just watching these young parents with their brand new baby boy, that is was an absolute yes!

Austin seven day old baby boy sleeping for newborn photo session with brown boucle blanket and denim blue stretch newborn wrap.

So happy that Abbye and Paul discovered me, feel lucky to have met them. Thanks so much you two! I really enjoy my time with you and look forward to watching this little one grow!

Make sure you document how little these ones are!  Book a session with us and you won’t regret it!

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