Newborn & Baby Photographer Near Pflugerville

There are many beautiful neighborhoods and suburbs in Pflugerville, Texas, the perfect setting to raise a family. This little niche in Texas boasts the peaceful and serene Lake Pflugerville Park where kids build sand castles on its shores, parents walk babies in strollers on the 3-mile trail and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the thrills the lake offers. Babies are a beautiful part of life and that moment you hold that precious infant in your arms, smelling like heaven and perfection, you want to freeze those seconds forever. The only way to get close enough to freezing time is by taking a snapshot of it. Photos are pieces of memories you can recall over and over every time you look at them. Pflugerville newborn photography is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a loved one who has just welcomed a tiny infant into their life. You simply cannot get the quality, professionalism and perfection in photos with a cellphone camera. The exquisite, breathtaking photos from a professional, Pflugerville newborn photography session will deliver are a must for any parent. Silver Bee Photography offers quality in newborn and baby photos you will not find anywhere else.

Adorable newborn portraits to swoon over

Newborns are only in this stage for a short time and this session needs to be booked when your infant is between 5-12 days old. Babies during this stage sleep many hours of the day and seem to sleep through anything. This little sweetheart has stolen your heart unlike anything you will ever experience and these photos will be something you treasure your whole life. Newborn photography photos are something you simply cannot put off booking. Hillarry, Silver Bee Photography’s photographer specializes in newborn photography. Her special training has helped her successfully take spellbinding photos for hundreds of parents. When it comes to Pflugerville infant photography, you need someone with gentle, patient care to safely pose your baby in the most graceful and delicate positions. Hillarry makes it look effortless but any parent who has taken a photo of a baby knows it is not. She is a master at her job and that is evident as you view her newborn portfolio.

Baby & Infant Photographer For All Their Milestones

There are so many milestones as your baby ages that you want to remember. The first tooth, rolling over, crawling and that first birthday are all momentous occasions in your little one’s first year. There is nothing more precious than capturing a picture of those chubby cheeks and thighs, grinning through those darling dimples. It melts your heart and hanging onto those memories means the world to you. Year 1 baby pictures of frosting coated smash cake photography sessions are so endearing and funny to watch. Watching those inquisitive little hands first dig into their very own sweet, gooey cake is an experience you must document! An experienced and professional local photographer will know just how to get your darling to look at the camera, to flash their heart-stealing smile and feel comfortable enough to show their personality through the photos.

For These Sweet Moments

Babies grow way too quickly and when they are older, you will miss these moments so much. New babies are simply mesmerizing and Hillarry takes great care to capture their little facial expressions, tiny toes and delicate faces as they peacefully slumber in the most charming poses. With 11 years of experience, posing infants in the most delightful poses and creating the irresistible newborn works of art, you will not be disappointed with the artistic quality of Silver Bee Photography’s newborn and baby photo sessions. Book yours today because babies grow up too quickly.