Maternity Photographer Near Pflugerville

Pflugerville, Texas is a family-friendly city and the perfect place to raise your little ones. Parks with water slides, playgrounds, and splash pads abound by the dozens, giving parents plenty of ways to occupy their children year-round. The growth rate in Pflugerville is creating national headlines as it is the 11th fastest growing city in the nation. This means big, positive changes for the community and great opportunities for families and children in the years to come. Finding out you are expecting a little one is a life-changing moment. You picture all the ways your life will change and the type of parent you want to be. It can be daunting picturing how that little person will change your family once those 9 months are up. Pregnancy is something to be celebrated and though your body is going through drastic changes to create that sweet baby, you want to remember those moments. A maternity photoshoot is a perfect way to memorialize that special time when you did something so beautiful and selfless, to bring that child into the world. With a talented Pflugerville maternity photographer to help you celebrate these brief moments, you will never forget the time you carried your baby.

Indoors or Outdoors photography

Many women struggle with feeling beautiful as they adjust weekly, even daily, with their ever-changing, pregnant bodies. The last thing some of them want is to have their photos taken but here are a few reasons you should definitely make the effort to schedule a maternity photoshoot with a local photographer:

  • You are beautiful: It’s time to stomp out the voices inside your head telling you otherwise. Pregnancy is beautiful and so are you. With a skilled Pflugerville photographer, you can feel the beauty and empowerment that comes from doing this noble task, growing a human inside of you! Silver Bee Photography’s experienced photographer, Hillarry, understands the best and most flattering positions, poses, and angles to help you feel beautiful. Others see it and once you get your maternity photos, you will too.
  • Remember that short time: Pregnancy is so fleeting, though it can feel like it lasts an eternity once it’s finished, you have a gorgeous, little blessing to show for it. While you may not appreciate your pregnancy as it is happening, once your baby is born, there comes a newfound appreciation for what your body accomplished. It is so special to have a collection of stunning photos to show all the hard work you went through.
  • Love your body: It’s natural for women to compare themselves to other pregnant women but DON’T! Bellies come in all shapes, not all are perfectly round and every body shape is different. During your pregnancy and with a professional Pflugerville maternity photographer, you can appreciate your body. Hillarry will make you look gorgeous, elegant, and glowing. If you are holding off because you feel self-conscious of your body, it’s time to love yourself a little more and book a maternity photoshoot.
  • Special bonding experiences: When you are pregnant, even though it is your body doing the work, the entire family shares in the experience. Why not create a darling photoshoot with them included? Bringing your partner into the photos creates a loving visage of just how excited the two of you are for the new life coming into your lives. And what about siblings? Nothing is more precious than a soon-to-be big brother or sister in the photos. Your family is growing and that is something to be celebrated.

The most dazzling maternity photos with Silver Bee Photography

Hillarry is Silver Bee Photography’s experienced Pflugerville photographer and her goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible with your maternity photo session. Making you feel and look beautiful is what it’s all about. With hundreds of posing ideas for every time, season, and location, Hillarry knows just how to make you look your best. Don’t let this wonderful experience pass you by without documenting it, call Silver Bee Photography today to schedule your maternity photo session. You will not regret it!