Gotta love the 10 pound babies that come my way!  He is just a chunk of cuteness.  Some might even say he is a hunk-a-burnin’ love…Or maybe I would say that!  This boy was wide awake when he arrived and he didn’t want to miss a thing.  Just a little bit of rocking, shishing and wrapping and he was off to dreamland.  This newborn’s mama is such a delight!  This guy is the youngest of six and his family just adores him so.  I really enjoyed my time with him and his mama.  She has six kids and manages to have so much energy that makes me jealous.  I can barely keep up with my two.  As a photographer you see so many babies that are within in the 6-7 pound range that is so much fun getting a bigger guy in the photo studio!  Props are a little different but he was along for the ride.


This baby boy just had to have that one foot stretched out to get comfy in the plush fur.  He was wide awake for the first hour and

when I wrapped him up in the stretchy wrap he decided to head off to dream land.  He settled in just right.

One week old baby boy sleeping on blue cable knit blanket

Love 10 pound chubs, and always love the back rolls.  Good grief is a gorgeous newborn baby boy.  I could just snuggle him up.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on beige boucle blanket with knitted hat and wood button

There is something about this newborn photo that I can’t take my eyes off.  Sometimes using basic colors for newborn prop setups is so simple.

As I am always telling my kids to keep it simple!  Guess I am pretty good at taking my own advice.

Newborn Austin baby in froggie pose on brown boucle blanket

And, the most exciting thing about  this little one-week old is that he lives in Steiner Ranch.  So that means I might be lucky enough to bump into him from time to time.

Lucky me.