One-on-One Newborn Photography Mentoring

Okay, so this newborn baby girl is crazy beautiful.  She was scheduled for a one-on-one mentoring session.  I saw a photo of her before I met her and couldn’t wait to get her in here!  Can you believe all this hair, so amazing.  She is the first girl out of five kiddos, so no doubt she is a true princess.  Good grief, I could have kept her.

Although, I have a feeling her brothers wanted her back.  It’s always fun meeting parents who have other children that are all the same gender and then baby throws them for a loop.  She will be very well protected with all those eyes looking out for her.

one week old newborn baby girl

It was so hard to choose my favorites from her session as they are all perfect and gorgeous.

Portrait Session with one week old newborn girl

Geez, I am jealous of this hair and skin color.  She is one of those lucky babies that looks great with any color.  Her tone is just beautiful.  Her mom and dad kept warning me that she has a stubborn streak but she was so sweet and great to pose.  One week old newborn baby girl in Austin Texas newborn photography session

In all honesty, she didn’t need any accessories.  Her hair took care of that and looks perfect in every photo.  Don’t get me started on the lips either.  Those are just the right amount of cute baby lip plumpness.  Dad better watch out for her, the boys will be lining up at her door.  Sometimes when I mentor I hope that we get a semi-fussy baby so that I can teach what to do with those babes, but she gave me none.  Easy-peasy she was.  I’m sure by now mom and dad have the baby girl thing down and all those boys are gettin’ their lovin’ in.  Thank you again for bringing your beautiful baby girl for her photo session debut.  She is absolutely stunning.

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