Maternity Photographer Near Lakeway

The day is soon approaching and you know that your time as an expectant mother is going to come to a close soon. A whirlwind of emotions surround the weeks leading up to the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Capturing the moments before your new baby arrives in photographs is a memory you will cherish as you look back on the different stages of your child’s life through pictures.

As a Lakeway maternity photographer, Hillarry is fantastic at capturing the glow and beauty of mothers as they anxiously await the arrival of their new baby. With Silver Bee Photography we will capture your radiance in the beautiful outdoors in natural lighting, Hillarry will capture maternity images that you are sure to love.

Preparing for Your Pictures

Pregnancy is beautiful but that doesn’t mean you always feel the most beautiful as your body changes and grows to accommodate your baby. Hillarry will make sure you feel comfortable and stunning as she helps pose you for your photos. She understands different angles and lighting well and will be sure to capture images that make you feel confident and beautiful.

Certain clothing items photograph better than other options during a maternity photography session. The purpose behind maternity photos is to capture your changing body for you to look back on after your new baby is here. Form fitting dresses and shirts are a great choice for your session. Texture is always a good idea as well. You’re welcome to layer and add different elements to your outfit to really showcase your personality. From Hillarry’s experience, patterned materials do not photograph as well during maternity sessions. She also notes that wearing all white or black makes capturing your shape difficult. Most importantly, you should be comfortable so she can capture your personality and radiating joy as you await your new baby.

Take Your Photos Indoors or Outdoors?

We are lucky to be near Lakeway, Texas because we have so many beautiful outdoor areas that we can use as the backdrop of your images. The weather also allows us to photograph your maternity session outdoors for the majority of the year. Whether you are looking for a beautiful water scene, crisp green trees, or a bright orchard we can find something to accommodate your style within driving distance from Lakeway.

Hillary has taken many expectant mothers maternity photographs and as a local photographer, she has learned to love certain locations in Lakeway. However, if you have somewhere that you want to have your photographs taken, Hillarry is willing to explore new places. She will be sure to schedule your session at the right time of day in order to capture the correct lighting and scene to make the most of your session.

Maternity photography is special. The joy that radiates from an expecting mother can’t be found anywhere else. Hillarry, with Silver Bee Photography, loves to meet pregnant moms and be a part of their journey to motherhood. She is laid back, friendly, and most importantly a very talented maternity photographer in Lakeway.